Affiliate Marketing new flavour in Marketing

Companies go after a number of tricks to increase the sales of their product and gain huge profit. One of the common tricks to promote sales is giving commission to customers to promote, recommend the product. The trick has become certainly popular among Markers and now it's considered as the key strategy to allure the customers. Although the trick is not new as it has been going after a long time and in modern age, it has imbibed the Digital flavour which is inferred as Affiliate Marketing. The popularity of Affiliate Marketing can be understood with the fact that 81% global brands use affiliate marketing strategy today.

Lets understand the Affiliate Marketing with one simple example

You are the owner of a shopping complex in a crowded area. A company wants to promote and sell its product but can not afford the full rent of the shop at the complex. So they just made a contact with you that they will establish an open counter for a few days here and whatever sale will happen on these days you will take 10% as a commission. So it will be a win-win situation for both the comany as well as the owner of the shopping complex. Company uses the customer outreach and existing market of the complex meanwhile Affilator gets commission as well. 

From the above example it can be concluded that Affiliate marketing is a popular tactic to drive sales and generate significant revenue through online or offline. It is highly beneficial for companies, affiliate marketers, and customers as well. In other words Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money whenever you promote any products or services which further drives a sale. On every sale you can earn incentive, commission, extra income like a sales representative earns.

Affiliate Marketing has 5 main components as

Company or Merchant

This is the first component in the entire Affiliate Marketing Process. Many people term it as  the seller, the brand, the retailer or the vendor. Simply, this is the party that creates/ develops the product and earns profit after its sale. It may be a group of companies or an individual company. Company plans to sell/ launch any product through Affiliate Marketing which further goes to Affiliator.

Affiliator/ Marketer 

This is the second component which is also known as the Publisher sometimes. Affiliator can range from single individuals to groups of companies. It's the place where marketing of a product or service happens. Companies use the place to generate sales and earn profit and pay a commission to Affiliator against the sale. Gradually the sale rises, the earning of Affiliator also rises. Affiliator promotes one or multiple products of a company on its platform, tries to attract and convince potential customers for the merchant’s product so that they end up buying it ahead.

Affiliate Network

Affilator has established a marketing channel and good customer outreach. It has a massive role in generating sales as the volume of customers leads the sale per day. Sometimes Affilator also launches different strategies to increase the customer number meanwhile resultant maximum sale and profit can be earned. The affiliate network also provides a database of many products, out of which the affiliate marketer can choose which to promote.


The person who purchase the product are customers. The customer or consumer makes the affiliate system complete as without sales, there aren’t any commissions to hand out and no revenue to be shared. The affiliator try to connect the market to the consumer on whatever channel they see fit, whether that’s a social network, digital billboards or through a search engine using different tools like blogging. The consumer not typically pays a higher price to the affiliate marketer, as the cost of the affiliate network is already included on the final retail price of product.


This is the last part of the Affiliate Marketing Process in which Affiliator earn small commissions against each sale for the company. It's the concept of mutual benefit of both affiliator and merchant as well. Some companies also offer commission to customers even to increase the sale and increase the commission. In another strategy, some affiliator also include product of different merchants to provide larger space to generate profit as well commission. 

Significance of Affiliate Marketing 

The value of Affiliate Marketing can be observed with some facts as 

  • Around 81% of global brands and 84% of publishers use the Affiliate Marketing as strategic tool to increase the sales of their product and services
  • Affiliate Marketing spending by companies is increasing by 10.1% in US each year and it is expected to rise beyond $6.8 billion
  • In study, its revealed that right Affiliate Marketing can generate three times leads as compare to traditional methods 
  • 16% of all orders made online globally are directly attributed to the impact of Affiliate Marketing somehow
  • After the change in Affiliate Marketing structure by Amazon in 2017, it raised the revenue of 1-10% on the product and services

Simple Steps of Affiliate Marketing

  • First, you have to find an affiliate network for the product you want to launch or sell. Deeply observe and analyse the network then including the type of products or services, payment methods, and commissions they offer. If it suits to your criteria, accept the deal and wait for confirmation
  • Decide the payment method on the affiliate network. Generally online payment method is recommended to ensure transparent payment process
  • Start creating promotional content, signage, custom links etc. for particular projects and services. Develop some links to track the purchase, commission and sales progress
  • Once all the promotional material is ready, start promoting your affiliate links on your website, newsletters, social media etc. Also share the promotional items on affiliator promotional platform to attract the maximum customer outreach 
  • Launch the product at affiliate platform as per the said plan and date. Continuously track the performance and financial status of sales to measure the impact of strategy. If some change needed in plan, be ready to revise the strategy priorly to control the business

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