5 Min Guide of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most common terms among marketing professionals nowadays. The peculiarity of Digital Marketing can be understood with the fact that today 97% of Global companies are relying their business on Digital Marketing only. Today, every company either it's small or big corporate adopting digital marketing tools. The scale of activities varies from company to company although. So before we begin let's understand the 

Digital Marketing

So, Digital marketing is the process of marketing your products or services through digital platforms like social media, email, websites etc. It's completely different from the traditional marketing approach as in general marketing customers have to connect physically whereas, in Digital Marketing, customers are connected online. Overall, we can say that Digital Marketing is the combination of all the modern marketing techniques such as SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Content Marketing etc. 

Digital Marketing Facts 

The significance of Digital Marketing can be understood by some facts as

  • According to studies, 32% of the total Indian population are internet users. It means our ⅓ population is directly or indirectly associated with internet use. Out of this population, 87% population are using social media actively. The number depicts the importance of Digital Marketing in large 
  • The digital marketing industry is growing by 26% in India which is equivalent to Rs. 13,683 crore. In India, Digital Marketing Industry is accessed around 240 billion till now
  • As per the reports, the Digital Marketing industry is estimated to cross 414 billion by 2022 and by the end of the year 2025, it will grow at a CAGR of 27.4% to surpass the 500 billion 

If you have ever considered a career in digital marketing, then this article is for you. 

The above facts show that Digital Marketing is the trending segment today and nobody can ignore its presence in their life. There are some reasons why digital marketing has been increasing today

Global Customer base- With traditional marketing, you can reach to few customers. But if you want to reach a bigger number you have to make a big investment. On the other hand, in digital marketing methods, you can reach the global customer within a few hours. With digital marketing, your presence can be felt globally and hence reaching a wider audience.

Limitless- The scope and use of Digital Marketing tools are limitless. The tools of Digital Marketing are so user friendly that even small business owners can use these in their business. The application of tools is easy that these can be applied in all forms of business easily. 

Anytime, Anywhere- There are many limitations with traditional methods like time, money, location. But digital marketings tools can be used anywhere and you can reach your potential customers easily. 

Real-time analysis- Traditional marketing methods are hard to track and analyse. Sometimes the impact of marketing campaigns observed after a long time becomes the big reason for the loss. On other hand, Digital Marketing tools provide real-time analysis and assistance with experts. You can update, upgrade your campaign in between your campaign. 

Good ROI- A study reveals that digital marketing investment provides 42 times more returns than traditional methods. Therefore, Digital Marketing tools are widely used by companies. 

Advantages of Digital Marketing 

Rapidly, the e-commerce market is increasing day by day the use of digital marketing has also increased simultaneously. One of the biggest benefits of Digital Marketing is that it makes advertising easy for companies. Some other benefits areas

  • Through digital marketing, you can plan your marketing strategy according to your customer set or audience. On the other side, you have less control over the audience in traditional marketing methods
  • In digital marketing, you have various tools and technologies like SEO, PPC etc. that can be used to bring more audience to your website who’ve shown interest in your product or similar product
  • Many companies have multiple products or services for different customers. In that case, it is very difficult to design different marketing campaigns at the same time. In digital marketing, you have multiple options to plan your promotion campaigns at a minimal cost. It also gives multiple options to customers for the selection of the best product  
  • In digital marketing, you can review the performance of your marketing campaigns through likes, dislikes, views, shares, clicks etc. It gives you an overview of how people are reacting to your campaign. This is one of the biggest benefits of digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing tools and techniques  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The economical and foremost fundamentals of digital marketing are SEO. It is a widely used technique to boost a brand’s visibility and increase the rank of a website on search engines. SEO is the process of optimizing the content through the strategic use of keywords through a specific algorithm to search engines. It facilitates search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc to prioritize the content and present it to the right set of people. The more visibility of the website leads the more possibilities of attracting organic traffic and potential customers. The massive use of the internet for any search has increased the demand for SEO for companies. And companies are doing huge investments in SEO activities. 

Online Advertising

After SEO, online advertising is the second most important tool of Digital Marketing. It is also termed paid media. For instance, when searching for something on Google you see some links before the target search mentioning the word “Ad”. This is a real example of online advertising. You also see pop-ups on your screen while you are scrolling, viewing through Facebook or Instagram. These are also examples of Online Advertising. Youtube ads, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, Instagram ads, Google ads etc are common platforms for Online Advertising. Today, online advertising is considered the best way to reach the target customer and increase brand visibility.

Content Marketing

This is another tool of Digital Marketing which is the strategy to target the desired audience by creating relevant content. Articles, Blogs, Reviews, Journals, Audio, Videos, Infographics are some examples of content marketing. Including content marketing with SEO has become a common trick the increase the organic traffic on the website. SEO friendly content helps to increase brand awareness. The importance of Content marketing can be understood with the fact that businesses with blogs get 67% more leads than other companies.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a simple and effective way to stay in touch with existing and potential customers. Email marketing is nothing but standard mail used to target audiences. It can be understood as an ad aimed at gaining website traffic and having a high conversion rate. Most email marketing includes emails linking new offers and coupons to increase recipient interest. 

Social Media Marketing

It uses social media platforms to market a product or service. It is a very simple and effective way to communicate with the target audience. We have all seen the power of social media. The impact of the social media platform is enormous. There are millions of people on social media who share others with their ideas, and when brands use this fact to their advantage, that becomes social media marketing. Also, compared to others, social media marketing can be accepted by any product size, small or large. All products should aim to remain relevant on social media and be equipped with current style information. Social media marketing allows companies the opportunity to track access to their content, and with the variety of tools offered by social media themselves. It is much easier for brands to identify patterns and find what works best for them.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click is part of the paid media that is used to increase search engine rankings through paid search engines. Pay-per-click is used to improve rates by passing over search results and driving more traffic. It is called PPC, as every time an ad is clicked by anyone, your ad account is charged. PPC is a short-term traffic-driving solution, and many large companies invest heavily in it during season contracts, new product presentations, etc. The amount charged is determined based on ad time, keywords used.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing dominates in Digital Marketing. It specializes in accomplishing the target market with the aid of mobile or smartphones. Mobile marketing often linked social media, textual content messages, email, and others. Mobile advertising and Marketing includes everything this is performed at the computing device and presenting it for the Mobile. The biggest requirement is the websites that are designed have to be mobile-friendly. Other requirements in Mobile Marketing are app structured notifications, textual content messages, and social media interest to a positive quantity.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing gets the product promoted by another person and pays a commission depending on every sale made. It uses individual access to your advantage. Here, the ambassador must not be one person but one organization as well. The agent/ affiliate promotes the product, whether it is good or services, in any way like a Youtube video or blog, and if anyone clicks on a given product link, they will eventually buy it, and be compensated for it with the commission. Most companies have started working with promoters to raise awareness about their products. Social media promoters have a huge impact on the popularity of their fans, and brands use this to their advantage by making their products advertised by influencers. It is beneficial for both parties as promoters working here as affiliated companies receive a commission as an incentive, and brands receive sales.

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