Handling the issues in Artificial Intelligence


Within the last decade AI has grown significantly to such a degree that it has become the core technology that drives many of the tools that we use in our day to day Lives, for instance, Google Assistance, SIRI, ALEXA, Recommendation systems, Navigation etc. Due to its diverse nature, AI is being adapted by numerous industries, fields and organizations. We hear about the awesome prospects of AI in the field of Medical sciences, Agriculture, robotics, game development etc, almost everyday. However, like any other sate of the art technology AI too comes with it’s challenges. In this particular post we would we talking about a few such challenges. Especially ones that are encountered when we consider democratization of AI.


Economic Factor:

Small to moderate enterprises suffers a lot when it comes to implementing AI technology as it is an expensive methodology. Even major companies like Apple, Uber, Google and  Amazon devote a specific budget for embracing and integrating AI technologies. Therefore, cost effectiveness is one of the areas where AI struggles.

Lack of Computational power:

Methods of AI, machine learning and deep learning require a high degree of processing speed which is only supported by high-end processors. In their general adoption of AI technology, bigger infrastructure specifications and pricing associated with these processors have been a hindrance. However At this instance, cloud computing environment and multiple processors operating in parallel provide a potent solution to suffice these computational requirements.


Job Loss Problem:

Numerous market scenarios and research reports have been the focus of employment loss issues linked to Artificial Intelligence. According to an Oxford report, by the mid-2030s, approximately 47 percent of American employments will be under threat due to Automation.


 Monopoly of big corporations:

Another key issue of AI is that some of the major companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple etc currently have a monopoly of data. In addition, such corporations also have the financial capital and resources to dedicate into AI research.  The gains from such research are tremendous, some examples of which can be noticed in our day to day lives. However, the smaller corporations do not have the financial means to fund such researches.



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Ashpreet Kaur - Jul 2, 2021

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