Highest Paying Job roles in Data analytics and Data science

Making sense from data that is growing at an ever increasing rate is a monotonous task. However, it has also become one of the most essential requirements in almost all businesses. Information extrapolated from huge bulks of data can help an organization make significant business decisions and reforms. Due this reason data science and data analytics have become one of the hottest domains in terms of Job opportunities. Below are some of the highest paying job roles in field of data science and analytics.


Data scientist

Data science is one of the most popular job roles in recent times. A data scientist uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms in order to manipulate and find out relevant patterns from the data. By analyzing and exploiting a data scientist can extrapolate actionable insight. A data scientist is required to have a substantial expertise in mathematics, statistics, and most importantly programming. A data scientist can also carry out tasks of a data analyst.

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Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts convert knowledge form businesses into insights that can be used by executives to make informed business decisions. Business Intelligence analysts fulfill management’s requirement for insights on specific topics and domains. A business intelligence analyst should have a grasp on analyzing data, visualization and modeling, working with SQL.


Data analyst

Data analytics is a domain in data science. Duties of a data analyst include exploration of data and analysis of data sets using various tools. However, the primary duties of a data analyst is statistical analysis and visualization of data. Following are some of the most commonly used tools for visualization are – Power BI, Tableau. The good thing about data science and analytics is, it is not just limited to tech domains. Big corporations from all over the world from various fields including, healthcare, finance, automotive etc are seeking data analysts and data scientists in order to gain business insights for existing data. For such reasons, there is a substantial requirement for data analysts in almost every corporation.

Big data Engineer  

A big data engineer is responsible for analyzing and modifying vast volumes of data so that it can be used to gain useful information that top executives rely on to better their business operations. A big data engineer is also responsible for analyzing, procuring, reporting and exploiting the data that is flowing through a company. Big data engineers also coordinate the hardware, software, and data infrastructure to ensure that the information is streamlined and used sufficiently.

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