How to write an effective Data science resume

People often wonder that despite the fact that they have the required skill set to land a data science job, why aren’t they getting any callbacks? This may be because you are not writing an effective Resume.

A resume is your first impression on the recruiters, so you want it to be as appealing as possible. In this article I will be walking you through some tips that are essential for you to write an effective data science resume.

Do your Research

One of the most important things that you must keep in mind while writing a data science resume is- the recruiters are less interested about you wanting a career in data science and more interested about why you want to work with them?

In order to fill this gap you must do your prior research about the company, now in doing so you are also preparing yourself for one of the most frequently asked questions- Why do you want to Join us? So do your research, figure out the primary interests and area of focus of the company and also ascertain how you fit in the company? How are your skills relevant? What makes you a terrific fit?

Training and skills

Data science and Machine learning are practical fields that require practical skill set. So before you apply for a data science position make sure you have the necessary skills. If you happen to be a fresher and don’t have any prior experience, make sure that you at least have the skills necessary to enter the data science field. A certified training course will definitely give you an edge over other aspirants.


Pick a template for your Resume. Just simply search on internet, you’ll find tons of resume templates. Always bare in mind that recruiters are busy people. In fact you should presume that they have looked at numerous resumes before yours. So try to keep your resume well organized and brief. If you are a fresher make sure your resume is not more than one page. It may seem like a rather short space to mention everything, which is why you need to structure your resume in a way that the employer skims through your resume once, and gets a pretty good idea about you.


Experience is an essential factor. Experience happens to be one of the most important part of every resume including data science. If you are a fresher, you might struggle with listing your experience while keeping it relevant. In such case, do not shy away from mentioning the projects that you have worked on, or any articles or papers (if you have written any).

Submitting the Resume

Send the resume to an actual person if possible. Here you may not have any choice since many organizations accept applications through a website or a portal. Many of the companies use Machine learning algorithms to collect and process the resumes. In such scenario, getting your resume in hands of an actual person might look counterintuitive. But if you have no such choice, try to use keywords that are relevant to the data science job.

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