The gains of pursuing Data Science

Irrespective of the industries or companies, data science has proven to be a technology that can be exploited by almost any organization. Due to its diverse nature, data science has generated a huge requirement of data science experts. Data science is basically the study, analysis, and exploitation of data in order to gain useful insights. A data science expert is required to have substantial of programming, mathematics, statistics and business. Individuals from various educational and professional vocations can choose to pursue a career in data science, given that they have the required skill sets. In this post I will be acquainting you with some of the domains where data science can be extremely  beneficial.

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Speech and Image recognition:

You might be familiar with these terms, this is one of the domains that exploits data science in order to gain meaningful results. You might have experienced a scenario where right after you upload an image on social media, you start getting recommendations like tag you’re friends. Such features of social media use face recognition algorithm.

Speech recognition is a domain that you are probably familiar with, it is the technology that drives some of the widely used virtual assistants like- SIRI, CORTANA, GOOGLE VOICE etc.

Healthcare Industry

Most people are not familiar with the fact that Data science has numerous prospects of implementation in Healthcare industry as well. Data science can be exploited to predict the admission rates of patients, doctors can treat and diagnose patients immediately and more precisely. The ability to make faster decision can save numerous lives.

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Ashpreet Kaur - Jul 2, 2021

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