Understand Digital Marketing in 2 Min

Let’s start with an example, suppose you are watching recent activities of your friends, colleagues on Facebook. Suddenly, you see an advertisement for a pair of shoes. You like the design and price of shoes and click on the ad image. The next moment, you get shifted to the page of an e-commerce website. You really like the appearance of the website and start viewing the other products as well. The products are really amazing and finally you decided to purchase a pair of shoes. You made the order successfully and closed the website. After few minutes, now you are searching something else on Google and see the ad of the same website on your search page. And it doesn't stop here even, you continuously see the ads of the websites with different colour, design and brand of shoes, products whichever platform you are using. 

From the above example, it's clear that Digital Marketing is the new way where we promote business on an internet based medium instead of the physical. And this is one of the instances of Digital Marketing but for its scope sky's the limit. There are a number of ways and tools that unleash the potential of Digital Marketing in the modern world. 

So now, the question arises, How can we define Digital Marketing ?      

Digital Marketing is the process to incorporates different ways to bring maximum people on  your website. Today, the internet has reached everyone around us and we can see maximum people busy on the internet through various electronic gadgets. Now, it's very difficult to find the right customer from physical marketing. Here arises, the demand of a system through company can reach to its right customer in shorter time.

In other words, it's a system through which more people learn about you through online methods and facilitate you to increase your visibility and potential to attract new business. Tools of Digital Marketing like SEO, PPC, SEM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media etc are some of the ways through which we can generate maximum traffic to our website.

Now let’s understand the, Need of Digital Marketing 

Increasing Demand in Market- Gradually the market of technology is increasing in metro to small cities, it has also increased the demand of Digital Marketing Professional who can actually facilitate the boosting to their business as well as organization. The growing demand of Digital Marketing Professionals also unleashed the scope to learn the new skills to confirm the place in race.


  • Massive Use of Internet- Sudden rise in internet users globally has made it a compulsion for the marketer to change their existing marketing strategy of physical marketing. Now, every company is using social media marketing to reach the maximum customer in a short time.
  • Easy to Use- The various tools of Digital Marketing are so easy that even non technical people can perform like experts after some training. Upgradation in Digital Marketing technology has also made them so user friendly that even fresher can perform like expert  
  • Cheap and Quick- All the marketing methods used in the process are very cheap. It requires only sound knowledge of Digital Marketing tools and good internet connectivity
  • Access of Analysis- Traditional Marketing methods are designed in such a way that it's very difficult to know the reviews and feedback of the public after the implementation of a marketing campaign. In digital marketing methods, all the information and activities of customers on websites is tracked. There data is also collected periodically which is further used to access the trends of customer and future requirement to change in strategy 

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