Why choose a career in digital marketing

Everyone has a dream of a successful and shining career and for that, they put their best efforts to get success in any manner. Some people get success and some may not. Sometimes we have to move with the same career option or sometimes we have to change direction suddenly. Although we always choose our career with massive analysis and consultation, but we often screwed in some questions like 

  • What are the career options available ?
  • Which career option is best for me ?
  • Which career option is best in demand ? 
  • Which career option best suits my capabilities ?
  • How to differentiate between right and wrong career options ?
  • How can I get into this career?
  • Which is the best place to train for this career ?

These are some of the questions which often come to mind. As there are plenty of career options available in the market and all are claiming for a bright future at the end. But it's very difficult to select one option which is reliable and sustainable as well. After years of analysis and observing the trends of different career options, I came to know that Digital Marketing is one of the best career options for those who want to excel his/her career. If you’re searching for a career which pays you a good salary, higher rise in the corporate ladder and many more opportunities to learn every day, Digital Marketing must be the best one for you.

In this blog, we are covering the details of Digital Marketing Career. So first thing, What is the biggest requirement for a Digital Marketing Professional ? 

And the answer is Continuous Learning Attitude 

Digital Marketing is a technology driven sector which has massive use of internet based tools and techniques. As the digital world is changing every day due to updates in technology, transformation in algorithms, innovation in languages etc. Therefore it becomes very essential for an aspiring Digital Marker to regularly update with technological development. 

When algorithms, technology change, it also makes changes in strategic decisions. For that we have to learn and get update with latest trends. The process of transformation also reflect in social media as they also change their algorithms. So a Digital Marketer needs to have a regular track on the latest update on every digital platform. 

The transformation on social media can be understood with an instance that before 5 years we had no option of video and audio calling on Facebook. Facebook was used for only creating posts, updating activities etc. But today, it has changed its whole structure. Now you can do video calling, live streaming, polling, survey, promotion of products etc. through simple tricks of Facebook and many new options keep coming every day to upgrade it. If any Digital Marker wants to use this platform for promotion of any business, he or she has to be updated with the latest developments on this website. The approach may look tedious and time consuming but the rewards will be amazing. 

Now, the 2nd thing is, Why should you choose Digital Marketing as a career option? 

To understand the answer of this question, let's discuss the various benefits of this stream one by one as

Highly Demanding Sector

As the internet advertising spending worldwide is increasing rapidly in recent years, it has also raised the demand for digital marketers. Today, for online advertising, customers are ready to pay for the service who can provide them with the use of digital marketing tools at the right time. Companies invest huge amounts of money in traditional marketing where ROI is very low as compared to Digital Marketing. Therefore, Digital Marketing services have become popular nowadays which leads to a sound Digital presence of companies globally.

Job Satisfaction

Whatever job you do, job satisfaction is one of the key things that sustain your job in an organization. There are various parameters of Job Satisfaction like Salary, Work culture, Organization structure, team, Organization Policy etc. Digital Marketing jobs provide such a facility where you are able to avail these kinds of benefits. Most of the people associated with this job are highly qualified therefore they also get good remuneration as well. 

Higher Salary 

Good Salary is also one of the thing that highly attracts the Digital Marketing Professional in this sector. During starting of career one can start with annual package of 4-5 lakh which later rise up to 8-10 lakh having experience of couple years. After 8-10 years experience, salary becomes no bar for skilled and qualified people. They can get 12-15 lakh per annum without any doubt. Big MNCs are highly in search of such kind of skilled people every time. Some people choose to work part-time instead of full time job in Digital Marketing which is also another option for Digital Marketing professionals.

Sustainable Career

After sudden outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic, sustainability of job has become a major concern for professionals. We have seen number of incidence where people lost their job due to pandemic. On the other hand, Digital Marketing skills became boon for the professional when everything got online and its the best way to get connected with your client and get the sales on board. Therefore, Digital Marketing is definitely a right choice for the people who are in search of sustainable career.

Continuous Growth 

Digital Marketing ensures your continuous growth in organization. Whatever work you do for your company in digital marketing, you facilitate the growth of the company and increase the profit of the company. When a company grows upwards it also opens the scope for development of its employees as well which further leads to an increase in remuneration, position and learning as well.

Opportunity to learn multiple skills 

A profession which gives liberty to work on multiple scales at one time, is only Digital Marketing. Its tools and techniques are so innovative that they can be used in marketing of any industry like Pharmaceutical, Medical, Finance, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, FMCG, Social Sector and many more. Working on various assignments of different industries provides you the opportunity to understand the different industries which further opens the door of opportunities. The tools of Digital Marketing makes you fit the SEO, PPC, content writing, web designing, Public Relationship, Graphic design etc. When you get perfection in these tools you can also make your career specifically in one tool as well.

Flexible hours/ Work from Home Opportunity 

Work from home is the new culture in corporations as it reduces the office management burden of companies and improves the productivity of employees as well. Sudden situation of lockdown due to any pandemic, work from home has become the best option for companies now. Digital Marketing Profession gives you the flexibility to work  anywhere you want to work. The only thing the companies require is that the task should be done on time and priority basis.

Support of like-minded people

Digital Marketing is the world of young blood which is captured by mostly the new age professionals. The best thing is that you find most of the people with the same mindset and energy. It creates a healthy workplace for employees where they can put new ideas, do innovations and unleash hidden opportunities. 

Dynamic and creative atmosphere

The tools and techniques used in Digital Marketing need inclusion of creativity and innovation. The person has creative mind and ability to learn new things can flourish his or her career swiftly. Your creativity can help in development of campaign, launching campaign, making posts, writing blogs, social media articles etc. Your small innovation in strategy can generate huge profit for comany certainly. 

No bar of Location 

The scope of Digital Marketing can be found wherever you see the richness of the internet. Even a person sitting in a forest or on the top of a mountain can accomplish the task easily. Digital Marketing assignment can be included with work from office, work from home, part time, freelancing etc.

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