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How to Become Data Analyst?

16 Mar 2023

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If you are an enthusiast who likes solving puzzles? Does using logic and deriving creative solutions interests you? Does mathematics or statistics are your favorite in the stream? Are you a logical thinker with an innovative mindset? Data Analyst is an appropriate job option for you. Data Analytics is a demanding job in the industry. So here are some key steps you can follow to get the most looked-upon job profile in the industry.

How can you become Data Analyst?

Data analyst is the job profile in demand and is considered high profile in almost all the fields in the industry. Be it healthcare, education sector, marketing, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Information Technology, etc.

If you are fetching for a new job opportunity with significant challenges and satisfying work outputs, this emerging field in data science is just for you. Explore the unique experience in data science with a specialization in data analytics.

High job satisfaction with higher perks or pay scales is a stream to try and give your best shot.

Read the article to learn more about how to achieve your goal of becoming a data analyst and explore the world of data science.

Become Data Analyst without a technical background.

Well, yes, this is true. To become a data analyst, knowing coding or technical programs is optional. It is entirely a skill-based program where your logics, statistics, and technical skills endure the opportunity to become a data analyst. Your portfolio will speak up for you and prepare an appealing portfolio highlighting your skills and achievements. There you are ready to face the world without actually having a degree. Various institutes provide detailed and quality courses on Masters in Data Science or Data Science Pro Programs. Connect to the right resources and get closer to becoming a data analyst.

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How to become a Data analyst?

Companies lookout for professionals with good work experience in the data field for the need of data analysts. The market is full of data, and any professional who wants to switch to the data analytics field can gain experience by acknowledging the data around and learning to tackle it. 

Also, many institutes and online services provide reliable and classified information and data analysis courses. They also offer hands-on experience on real-time projects and data handling experience. The detailing on project handling, data modeling, data cleaning, analyzing, and data visualization is professionally covered in the course determined to provide data analysis certification. Here are some steps that you can follow to become a successful data analyst:

To become Data Analyst get a strong base of learning

To enter the world of data analysis, ensure you get solid fundamentals in place. Your technical strength will define whether you are a good fit for the data analytics profile in the future. Avail a degree in maths, computer science, or a technical field; it will prepare you for analytical programs and technical requirements. Your resume will be enhanced with a degree in the technical field, and it will add preferences for better data analytics prospects. You can also learn technical skills from online platforms and certificate-oriented courses in data analytics.

Work on your technical skills

You will likely get hired for the data analyst role when you are qualified with the technical skills and programs. Whether you get a degree in a technical field or you do a certificate program from a professional institute. The following skills will help you get closer to achieving a data analytic job role.

Get technical knowledge of the programs mentioned below.

  • Statistics
  • R or Python Programming Language
  • SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Cleaning

Study the criteria and knowledge of programming languages required for the data analyst post well. Prepare yourself accordingly and master the field that interests you. In addition to the technical skills, you must consider the importance of soft skills like communication, data presentation, and problem-solving ability.

Work on real-time projects

Get hands-on practice on actual projects in the industry. Many institutes provide real-time project and problem-solving assignments with solid technical and programming knowledge. There are various online platforms where you can gather real-time projects for analysis practice. Massive data can be restored by grabbing inputs from multiple sites like Newsfeed, Environmental information centers, or agriculture channels. You can solve the issues from many sources available with massive data.

Prepare an exclusive portfolio

As you get good exposure to problem-solving assignments and real-time projects. Remember to highlight the best project details in your portfolio. Your portfolio presentation will add more value to your skills and experience. A portfolio demonstrates your technical skills and your strengths to the recruiters. Emphasize more on your performed practices like scraping the data from scratch, cleaning and normalizing the raw data, presenting your visualization skills in graphs and charts, and finally, presenting inputs.

Your portfolio will explain your delivered projects and solutions which can help you draw the attention of the company you are willing to join. Remember to study the professional portfolios from various online sites, which will help you add the essential points required in the skill column.

Get exposure to the entry-level analytical job role

It is okay to apply for an entry-level data analyst job role. This will polish your skills and give you practical experience. The salary of an entry-level data analyst is also very appealing, so that you will be on the beneficial side. Apart from this, you will also learn new techniques and applications useful for the analytical data role in the industry.

Average pay scale of a data analyst in various companies in India.

TCS Data Analyst Salary

1-7 yrs experience salary ranges from INR 5L-10L

Cognizant Data Analyst Salary

1-7 yrs experience ranges salary from INR 6L-10L

Accenture Data Analyst Salary

1-7 yrs experience ranges salary from INR 6L-13L

Capgemini Data Analyst Salary

1-7 yrs experience ranges salary from INR 4L-8L

Wipro Data Analyst Salary

1-7 yrs experience ranges salary from INR 5L-10L

Tech Mahindra Data Analyst Salary

1-7 yrs experience ranges salary from INR 5L-9L

Amazon Data Analyst Salary

1-7 yrs experience ranges salary from INR 7L-22L


You are always open to getting advanced knowledge as you get good exposure to the data science analytical aspects. Upgrade yourself with Data Science Masters Program or get Data Science Pro Program from a professional institute. This will qualify you with the advanced programs and help you gain exclusive job positions in the industry with a very appealing pay scale.

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