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Create a dynamic career in the field of Digital Marketing with Fingertips' Certificate Program in Digital Marketing Fundamentals. With a blended learning approach, this course incorporates a curriculum that covers all the basic concepts of Digital Marketing like SEO, SMM, SEM, and Email Marketing. Improve your knowledge with this course and take your skills into various companies and help them make marketing strategies. Enroll today and build expertise in digital marketing right away.

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    Program Rating
    Program Duration
    3 Months
    Post-Program Job Support
    3 Months
    No cost EMI
    Gain Competitive-Edge In Emerging Technologies Through Data Science And AI Program
    Average Salary Hike
    Career Transitions
    Hiring Partners
    Average Salary Hike
    Career Transitions
    Hiring Partners

    Key Highlights

    Certificate From Jain University
    Learn From Top-Notch Industry Leaders
    10+ Case Studies and live projects
    20+ Tools
    100+ hours of live teaching
    25+ Hours of self-paced learning
    1:1 Mentorship
    Live Classes after working hours
    Doubt Solving Sessions
    Curated for freshers & working professionals
    Corporate Soft Skills Training
    No-cost EMI

    Skill Covered

    Social Media Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Google Analytics
    Keyword Metrics
    Facebook Marketing
    Pricing Strategy

    Program Details

    Digital Marketing Course, in collaboration with Jain University, features the perfect mix of theory, practical projects, and case studies. It provides in-depth insights into various concepts of Digital Marketing, such as SEO, Social Media, Marketing Analytics, and Email marketing. This certification program is specially curated for freshers and working professionals looking to explore their careers as Digital Marketing Professionals.

    This three months Digital Marketing Pro Program in collaboration with Jain Deemed To-Be University will give you complete in-depth knowledge of all 5 main elements of marketing i.e. marketing concepts, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), and email marketing.
    Unlock your career as a digital marketer with this digital marketing course. Learn 10+ tools like Semrush, Mailchimp, and many others tools. After the completion of the course, you can enhance your resume with the prestigious Jain Deemed To-Be University.

    This digital marketing course comes up with live instructor-led training as well as self-paced lessons to enhance your learning to the maximum.
    Learn the skill of marketing concepts, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), and email marketing with instructor-led training. Our high-quality self-paced content also teaches digital design and business communication skills.

    Anyone with a graduate degree can apply and enroll in this digital marketing course. The course is perfectly built for freshers looking to start their digital marketing career and for working professionals like content writers, marketing & sales professionals, and entrepreneurs looking to upskill in the field.
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      Marketing Concepts

      Kick-start your digital marketing journey with an introduction to certain essential marketing concepts. Get familiar with marketing and digital marketing terminology and learn the history, basics, and customer lifecycle in this module.

      Marketing is the process of creating a product/service for the targeted consumers, which includes all aspects right, from research to promotions. Learn basics such as types, 4Ps, and the history of marketing in the module.

      Digital Marketing is a vast domain consisting of various components like PPC, SMM, SEO, and many more. Get to know about the basics of these concepts, along with various formats of digital marketing.

      Customer Lifecycle is the stages through which a consumer goes before making the purchase decision. Learn about the four stages of the customer lifecycle that are acquisition, engagement, conversion, onboarding, and retention.

      SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

      Learn the ins and outs of search engine algorithms and how they affect organic results. Get your hands-on learning, optimizing a digital presence with keyword research, competitive analysis, On-Page, Off-page, and other types of SEO.

      Before diving deep into the concepts of SEO in the module, start the first module with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of SEO. Get familiar with search engine functions and various SEO tools.

      Advance your learning in SEO by knowing how search engines work. Understand various technicalities of search engines, such as crawling, indexing, ranking, and critical SEO success factors.

      Get to know about best SEO practices and SEO spam. Proceed with your learning with 12 different types of SEO, white hat SEO, black hat SEO, grey hat SEO, and negative SEO, which are a few to be named.

      Keyword research and competitive analysis are important aspects of getting ranked on a search engine. Get in detail learning about keyword research tools, keyword metrics, keyword tripod rule, what is search volume, keyword difficulty, and other such important concepts.

      Content optimization is an essential element to rank on search engine result pages. Learn how to perform this with keywords optimization, topic identification & organization, quality of content, content length, and content updates.

      This module will let you know how to increase the visibility of the website. Learn multiple On-Page tactics like factors that influence the internal links, keyword usage, sitemaps, keyword placement, and other elements.

      Off-page SEO is a technique adopted outside the website to increase the rank of a website on search engines. Learn the elements like PageRank of a page, PageRank metric, and other such elements.

      Local SEO helps the business to rank in your locality for search engine pages. In this module, you'll learn local ranking factors, NAP, directories, and aspects of local SEO.

      Dedicate this entire lesson to learning about SEO tools. Get in-depth knowledge on what are SEO tools and different SEO tools categories. Also, get hands-on training for using the tools.

      SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

      Get A to Z knowledge of SEM with this module. Master the elements of SEM from search engine campaigns, google display networks to mobile and shopping campaigns.

      Start learning about the concept of SEM with this basic lesson. Understand SEM and SERP in the session. Get a detailed understanding of how to perform keyword research.

      The lesson will begin with an introduction to PPC ads and how to create PPC ads and will continue to stages of search engine campaigns and how to do budget & Scheduling.

      Google Display Network lets you select your target audience based on your target area. Get to know about different ad formats and types of targeting.

      Learn how to create mobile and shopping campaigns for brands. Understand bidding strategies and track and measure campaign performance.

      After evaluation, one needs to optimize the search engine campaign for a brand. Understand the concept of Google analytics and evaluation of campaign statistics.

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      Self-Paced Learning

      Get access to high-quality self-paced content curated by top industry experts. Here you will be exposed to a variety of concepts of Digital Marketing that you can learn at your own pace - anytime, anywhere.

      Master The Concepts Of Digital Design

      Enhance your design skill with this module on "Digital Design". The learners will learn to create designs, images, and creatives that the audience can see on a digital screen.

      Get in-depth learning on introduction to design. Start with understanding the concept of digital design and proceed with working with digital design and the advantages of learning digital design.

      Advance your learning of digital design with this lesson. Learn how to structure your design and learn the steps involved in the digital design process.

      Like every other field, designing comes with a set of rules and principles. Understand the basics of design, the concept of color balance in design, and how to implement principles of design.

      Various types of free tools can be used to save some time and create interactive designs. Get to know about various free fonts, colors, annotation, photo editing, and tools.

      Design is a creative way of expressing thoughts or messages. Learn the basic design rules and learn about the things to avoid while designing.

      In this lesson, learn what consumer psychology is, its importance, what is applied to consumer psychology, and finally, how is consumer psychology used by marketers?

      Business Communication Skills

      In this module, you will learn to get some simple tips and guides to help you enhance your business communication skills. We will advise you on how to write for businesses and make your communication more concise, engaging, and easy to read.

      Learn from the basics, including what business communication is, its importance, various elements, and some most important and highly useful Business Communications techniques.

      It is the foundation of successful communication. It is important to strengthen your working relationships, ultimately making it a valuable workplace skill.

      It is the most important way of communication for a marketing professional. Through emails, you can easily convey information about a company's goods and services. A marketing expert can reach their target audience and grow a business's customer base by creating compelling emails. Here, you will learn the importance and advantages of writing emails, along with different techniques.

      This lesson enables learners to develop a natural and accurate style of English pronunciation. It will boost your abilities to read, write, speak and comprehend the English language.

      It's very important to conduct meetings because they provide you with opportunities to share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns. You will learn, the benefits of meetings, how to conduct them, and some of the best practices of meetings that one should follow.

      It is important to manage pressure, it helps you to be more productive. Same way time management is also equally important. This is the most important module where you will learn how to manage work pressure and time.

      In order to save your time and energy, the one skill that you need to master is learning the art and science of delegation. Here, you will learn the same!

      Setting SMART goals can help you clarify your ideas, focus on hard work, utilize your time and resources efficiently, and ultimately get closure to achieving your goals. You will learn what smart goals are and how to use them to reach your target.

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      Industry Projects

      At the end of the Digital Marketing Course, you will be working on capstone projects. With extensive hands-on training and a wide range of case studies and industry projects, you will acquire relevant skills and crystallize your learnings.







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      *No cost EMI Option Available
      Total Admission Fee
      • 3 Months Program
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      • Certification from E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati
      • 100% Job Assistance
      ₹ 27,000
      Financing Partners

      We have partnered with the following financing companies to provide no-cost EMI and competitive finance options with no hidden costs.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Digital Marketing is growing and is one of the most in-demand fields in the market, and our three months digital marketing course will cover important elements of the concept to make our learners job-ready for the field.
      The learners will learn marketing concepts, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), and Email marketing.

      Digital marketing is a vast domain that consists of a variety of components. This digital marketing course from Fingertips includes marketing concepts, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), and email marketing.
      The course is a perfect fit for an individual with interest in the digital marketing domain. However, the learner must have a graduate degree in any field. Freshers from any field and working professionals like content writers, marketing & sales professionals, and entrepreneurs looking to upskill in the field can enroll in the program.

      The Digital Marketing course is a total of three months inclusive of practical Hands-On Training.

      Learners can apply to this Digital Marketing Certification Program in 4 simple steps. Selected candidates will receive an offer of admission after admission fee payment.
      1. Submit Application:
      Tell us about yourself and why you want to learn this certification program.
      2. Application review: Our admission panel will shortlist candidates based on their Application.
      3. Admission: Shortlisted candidates will receive an offer of admission.

      A good digital marketing course will help you enhance the skills required to make a successful career in digital marketing. Hence, one must do a digital marketing course from a reputed platform and get certified. At Fingertips, you get to learn from top-notch industry experts with cutting-edge curricula. Here, you also get certified by reputed Jain University. You also get hands-on training to apply the skills you learned.
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