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Learn How To Make A Resume For A Python Developer

16 Dec 2022

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Python is a programming language that has immensely raised its bar for two decades. The tech world is in awe of Python, the most preferred language by professional programmers. Python is a powerful tool that has dramatically changed the software development world and data science. The tech giants like Google, Instagram, Spotify, and Innovative sectors are impressed by the python techniques and successfully amend the programming language in the business.

Python is the most explicit open-source language, followed by other languages like java, C++, etc. Python highly influences the market, and this language needs specialization and is preferred by recruiters highly. Statistics show more than 10,000 job openings are available for python specialists, and this demand is increasing with time.

What are the types of jobs available in Python?

Python is a powerful domain and is widely used in various fields. Let's check out who uses this language.

Software Development

The development of specific software or application, as per clients' requirements, is the job role of the developer. A developer specializing in programming can edit, test, and code the program per clients' expectations. An experienced software developer can pull approximately a pay package of 2.5L-7L/year INR; the offer can vary on the company and professional experience factors.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a professional who extracts valuable data from the data sets available in the company. The best use of machine learning languages, data organization, and data analysis are the responsibilities of a data scientist. The effective way of predicting solutions for better business growth. 

A Data Scientist's roles and responsibilities include the following:

  • Data extraction from multiple sources, using machine learning tools to organize the data, processing, cleaning and validating the data.
  • Analyzing the data for information and patterns.
  • Developing prediction systems.
  • Transparently presenting the data and proposing solutions.
  • The data scientist can expect a salary package of 3L-10L/year INR

Python Programmer

A python programmer is a programming specialist that defines and constructs various applications and software per the client's requirement. An experienced python programmer can quickly get a handsome package of approximately 2.5L-8.2L/year INR

Python is a fascinating topic to explore. Python is a hands-on and best specialization option if you are looking for a great career span. This article will guide you to take a few steps ahead toward your dreams and define your expertise impressively along with your skill sets and define a commendable presentation of your techniques.

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How should a Python Developer's Resume be?

A resume should be impressive information that can define your future. Make sure that the information you provide is precise and uniquely presented. Your uniqueness will take you to the next level. The HR is very particular with their requirement, so stand out and let the HR pick your Resume by checking your expertise and presentation skills.

Resume template selection: A appealing resume should consist of basic information, academic details, educational accomplishments, projects, etc., on a single page. Select a modern template that can cover your data in a style and good alignment. A good resume's primary purpose should be to articulate your technical knowledge, skills, and experience in the best possible way.

Select a Basic Font: A simple font is enough to reach the right sight. No fancy fonts, no stylish aligning, keep it simple and readable for the recruiters to understand and find easy on the eyes. It is recommended to use standard fonts which can fetch direct attention. Fonts like Cambria, Georgia, Helvetica, Calibri, etc., can be a good choice for presenting your Resume.

Steps to Build your Resume for a Python Developer

Your approach should consider the points mentioned below when you are building a python developer resume after your master the Python language:

  • Have a crisp and clear format.
  • Updated Resume; keep the latest information at the top.
  • Keep the summary intact to one page for experience less than eight years.
  • Priority to the python developer skills should be relevant to the job.
  • Mention the activities and functions you participated in.
  • Achievements and hobbies to specify more simply.

General Information

The basics of adding your general details to your Python Developer Resume are to keep it simple. Make sure you mention your full name clearly in the header, not your nickname. The contact details must be specific, say your email id, social media handles, website, etc. You have to mention your email ids professionally, and the ids should be experienced, not funky or casual.

Add Summary

Add your skills, experience, and qualifications in brief. Keep it a piece of specific information. Do add your achievements, python developer skills, and qualities that define you as a person. Content should be crisp and clear. Avoid quantifying your work; it may impact your earlier experiences. Only extend your explanation to up to four sentences. Keep the information precise that truly defines you. It will increase the chances of getting your Resume a nod from the recruiters.
Do not pretend to be someone that you are not. The best ethic is integrity, so never add false information to your Resume.

Work Experience

This is a required field you must mention, as your experience will portray many of your career journey and milestones.

  • Position Name
  • Company Name
  • Dates
  • Responsibilities & Achievement
  • Technologies Used

 Add your experience from the recent one at the top. The designation holds great importance than your previous company. Do mention the years you own the knowledge and explain your role and responsibilities.


If you have tremendous experience in project handling and successful completion. 

  • Title
  • Your responsibility
  • Technologies used
  • The quantitative result of the project

Just prioritize the important ones and specify them with a simple explanation. You can categorize the fields you have delivered the best results. Like AI-related projects, you can mention them with crisp clarity.


Mention your finest achievements and highlight how you strived for the goal in a few words. It will put you in the light of your management skills.

Qualification and Python Developer Skills

If you are a fresher with little or no experience. It's okay to mention your educational details on the top, with practical knowledge or project experience. Provide details of the degree and university.

  • College diplomas (Degree name, college name, GPA score)
  • The intermediate school (name of school, percentage/GPA) (Optional)
  • High school (name of school, percent/GPA) (Optional)

Add relevant information about your skillset. Mention the specialized fields and data science-related skills you are a professional in. For example, add your refined skills like NumPy, PyQt, Pygame, etc. Add your soft skills and management in accordance. 

Salary trends

On average, a python developer makes around $90k per annum; it can exceed $125k per annum, as per your experience. There are approximately 30,000 job openings for the post of python developer in the industry. The average pay scale for a junior python developer is around 450k per annum in India, and a senior python developer can get around 600k INR per annum. A professional with a lot of experience can get close to 2,000k per annum.

Hobbies and Interests

Your hobbies and areas of interest other than the work corresponding world define your personality. It is like showing up your creative or innovative side of life, and it helps identify whether you are the right choice for an organization.


Resume building is the first step towards achieving your dream job. Regular updates and enhancements in the matter allow you to stay connected with the current industry trends. Build your Resume right and get selected by the right organization.

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