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Top 10 Data Analytics Tools In 2023

09 Nov 2022

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Are you aware of how an enormous amount of machine data is generated, all over the world over the last decade? In current times where 2.5 Quintilian bytes of data are being generated daily, data plays a compelling role in decision-making for business operations.  A few years back, data collection and extracting the right data from it was a time-consuming process. But now we can generate precise and valuable insights in seconds. Thanks to various data analysis tools!
In this article, we will highlight the best data analysis tools. Data analysis tools are proving very effective to analyze the data and avail accurate results. It is very challenging to choose the right data analysis tool for a particular task, so we will be checking the differences and features of the top data analysis tools that are used by the best companies. Before getting into more details on data analysis tools, let us understand the meaning of data analysis:

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the science that delivers meaningful information from the collection of raw data. It analyses raw data to find various trends and find solutions from big data. 
The developed systems and software examine the large data. This has proved very catchy for many business intelligence and application-based companies. Data analytics can also be processed by analyzing data from any particular domain, for instance, website analytics.
For some, it can be a process of expanding business possibilities to a specific content area, such as market, supply chain, service, sales, distribution, etc
The statistical and mathematical analysis of data that connects the arrays, and segments, and predicts the futuristic majors and outcomes, are all described by data analytics in the statistical method.
Data analytics helps in the integration of structured and unstructured information from real feeds and reports and opens new ways of insight into business structures.
A list of top data analysis tools. So, let's have a look at all of them one by one.

1. Apache Spark

  • Spark is built on data science. Spark is very well known for machine learning model development. A Spark is the most effortless data analytic tool. It is considered one of the best data analysis tools in 2022.
  • Apache Spark is a development-friendly and fast and flexible tool that operates and supports SQL and machine learning.
  • Let's see what are Best Features Apache Spark has to offer..!!!
  • Lightning-fast processing speed.
  • Ease of use.
  • It offers support for sophisticated analytics.
  • Real-time stream processing.
  • It is flexible.
  • Active and expanding community.
  • Spark for Machine Learning.
  • Spark has MLlib that provides a progressive set of machine algorithms for repetitive data science techniques like Regression, Collaborative Filtering, Classification, Clustering, etc. Banks, telecommunications companies, games companies, governments, and all of the major tech giants Companies that use Apache Spark are Netflix and Amazon. eBay.

2. Splunk

    Splunk is a smart data analysis tool that is used to search, analyze, and visualize the machine-generated data gathered from applications, websites, etc. It tackles your hardest Security, IT, and DevOps use cases.
    Splunk is a data analysis tool used to search, analyze and visualize the machine-generated data gathered from the websites, applications, sensors, devices, etc. which build up your IT infrastructure and business.
    Splunk technology is used for application management, security, and compliance, as well as business and web analytics.
    The best features of Splunk are:

    • Data Searching.
    • It involves indexed data to create metrics, predict future trends, and identify patterns in the data.
    • Using Alerts.
    • Splunk alerts can be used to trigger emails or RSS feeds.
    • Dashboards.
    • Splunk Dashboards can show the search results in the form of charts, reports, pivots, etc.
    • Let's look at the Companies that use Splunk, and they are Dominos, Intel, and Lenovo are using Splunk in their day-to-day practices to discover the processes and correlate actual data.

    3. Zoho Analytics

    Zoho Analytics is a program that is based on busa iness intelligence and analytics platform. It allows the user to create meaningful prospect and report through dashboards and compelling visuals.

    • You can rely on this particular data analysis tool for the best reports. Zoho can fetch and structure the data stored in any source. It provides a diverse set of data analysis techniques.
    • The AI-powered assistant enables users to bring innovative and intelligent solutions from the smart dashboard reports.
    • Some of the Zoho analytics features are:
    • Data Visualization.
    • Reporting/Analytics.
    • Data Import/Export.
    • Visual Analytics Companies with 10-50 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue using this tool.
    • To name a few companies that use Zoho are Fossil, Zomato, Amazon, Maxlife.

    4. R-Programming 

    R-Programming is the leading data analysis tool in the industry and is widely used for statistics, data modeling, and data visualization. R is a graphic and statistical computing language. It is widely used for big data analysis.
    It provides a graphical representation of data analysis through a screen display.
    Some of the R-Programming features are:

    • It has Strong Graphical Capabilities.
    • Open-source: R is an open-source software environment
    • R has a Highly Active Community.
    • R is extremely active in a comprehensive environment.
    • Can perform complex statistical calculations.
    • It is widely used by business analysts, data analysts, data scientists, and scientists.
    • Companies that use R programming: Google, Firefox, Amazon
    5. Oracle BI

    Oracle BI is open-source machine learning and data visualization for the beginner or an expert. Oracle presents Interactive data exploration for qualitative analysis. It offers a huge range of perks to data mining from different data sources.

    Some features of Oracle BI are:
    • Report Types: The system can create a variety of report types including ad-hoc analysis, interactive reports, custom reports, and a selection of pre-built reports.
    • Dashboards: They can explore the data freely along a guided navigation path that leads them to new insights.
    • Big Data: The in-memory processing power of this solution allows users to incorporate big data sets without needing to integrate another solution.
    • Some of the companies hiring Oracle BI are Search Engine Optimization Inc; Red Hat Inc using Oracle BI.

    6. SAS 

    • SAS developed a statistical analysis system. It is the best-known program that offers a graphical UI for non-technical users. It is one of the widely used and best data mining software. It is an appropriate tool for data mining, text mining & optimization.
    • Let's look at some of the features of SAS:
    • Easily accessible browser-based development environment (SAS Studio)
    • Support for a wide range of data formats.
    • Performance & scalability.
    • SAS offers a highly scalable memory processing architecture.
    • The companies that use SAS are Facebook, Twitter, HDFC
    • Powerful data analysis capabilities.

    7. Talend 

    Talend is an open-source data integration platform. This tool lets you easily manage all the steps involved in the ETL process and aims to deliver compliant, accessible, and clean data for everyone. Talend is one of the best data analysis tools in cloud computing and data integration. Automation is one of the most appealing features that Talend offers.

    • Small startups to multinational companies such as ALDO, EuroNext, and Astra Zeneca are using Talend to make critical decisions.
    • The ability to connect to more than 900 different databases, applications, and files as sources or targets for the integration tasks.
    • Offers support to the complex process workflows and the extensive data integration transformations.
    • It also offers integration project support with release management, team-based collaboration, and a tool-based generation system.
    • Have a look at the companies that use Talend are Dominos, GE Healthcare.

    8. Rapid Minor 

    Rapid Minor is mostly used for predictive setup analysis. A rapid Miner is a very powerful tool that can generate analytics based on real-life data transformation settings, i.e. you can control the formats and data sets for predictive analysis. RapidMiner is based on client system architecture, with the services available on public and private cloud infrastructures. It is used for business and industrial applications as well as for research, education, training, application development, etc.
    Let's now see the companies using Rapid Minor and they are AIG insurance, First energy- Oil and gas company. Some of the features of Rapid Minor are:

    • Visual Workflow Designer: That uses visual workflows as the single source of truth for your processes and bridges the gap between automated data science and embedded coding notebooks. 
    • Automated Data Science and Code-Based Data Science.

      9. KNIME

      KNIME is one of the best open-source, reporting, and integrated analytics tools that allows you to analyze and model data through visual programming. KNIME converts multiple data sources, spreadsheets, flat files, databases, and more into a standard format. This data can be generalized, analyzed, and configured to make visual representations. KNIME has been used in pharmaceutical research, it is also used in other areas such as business intelligence, text mining, and financial data analysis.
      Let's check out the core KNIME features:

      • Scalability through sophisticated data handling.
      • Highly and easily extensible via a well-defined API for plug-in extensions.
      • Intuitive user interface.
      • Import/export of workflows (for exchanging with other KNIME users)
      • These are the companies that use KNIME and they are Lenovo Group Ltd, Red Hat Inc

      10. Tableau

      Tableau has supreme capabilities in data analytics. Today it is the best software available in the market that analyses and visualizes data amazingly.

      Most companies use Tableau Public; it is a free tool that connects all the data sources available. Be it Microsoft Excel or web-based data. It connects data from any source so effectively.
      It creates data visualizations, maps, dashboards, etc. with real-time updates presented on the web.
      A Tableau dashboard can be used by an operational team of a distribution center to check the daily sales targets achieved.
      Some of the best features that Tableau offers are:

      • Real-time analytics.
      • Intuitive Dashboard Creation and UX.
      • Connect to a variety of data sources (and easily integrate with existing technology)
      • Role-based permissions.
      • Simple sharing and collaboration.
      • Mobile accessibility.
      • Companies that use tableau are Citibank and Skype.

        These were some important tools that can help you generate great analytic results. You can specialize in any tool that can help your career grow. Data Analytics is in great demand. Many companies are on the hunt for a bright data analyst to enhance the growth and value of their business. 


              1. Which is the best data analysis tool?

              • Tableau
              • KNIME
              • Rapid Minor
              • Talend
              • SAS
              • Oracle BI
              • R-Programming
              • Zoho Analytics
              • Splunk
              • Apache Spark

              2. What is the easiest data analysis software?

              Excel: It is the easiest tool for data editing, storing, basic analysis, and manipulating data. The expertise level can be defined from the beginner to the intermediate level. Excel is easy to go tool used widely for the graphical representation of data. Data can be represented in the form of Bar charts, stacked bar charts, clustered bar charts, pie charts, scatter plots, box & whisker plots, radar charts — you name it! Excel has them all.

              3. What is a data analytics career path?

              If you have the zest to become a data analyst you can fulfill your dream by learning from the right place.
              At fingertips, you will be given career guidance along with placement support. As you start, in a data analyst position you can progress further and head to become a senior data analyst and later also achieve a data scientist or chief data technology officer position. 

                4. What are the 5 types of data analytics?

                The 5 types of data analytics are Prescriptive, Predictive, Diagnostic, Descriptive, and Cognitive Analytics.

                5. Is data analysis the highest-paying job?

                You might be eager to know is data analysis the highest-paying job?
                Well…Data analyst salary increases with expertise and on-field practical experience.
                An entry-level data analyst with less than 3 years of an experience data analyst can draw a handsome salary.


                Small business sectors are benefited hugely from data analysis. By making the right use of data analysis small businesses can make the right decisions on investments and apply resources in the right direction. Data analysis tools provide solutions for understanding the market and identifying the latest business trends for better results. Various tasks like data tracking and analyzing are smoothly performed by the best data analytics tools. A huge amount of data every year is worked upon to generate useful information. Data extraction is an ongoing process. With each passing year, the amount of data is only growing and is being processed. Therefore the task of data analysis is only increasing. It is very important to understand the right data analysis tools if you are an aspiring data analyst. Fingertips are one of the best places to get a quality learning experience in data analysis which only adds value to your knowledge.

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