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Top 10 Email Marketing Tools for 2023

28 Oct 2022

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There are currently 4.2 billion daily email subscribers worldwide (Statista). Email is used as a content marketing approach by 87% of marketers (CMI). However, according to LinkedIn, only roughly 78% of business emails get read or even clicked on. Fortunately, there are numerous email marketing tools available to assist you in overcoming such obstacles.

As marketers, we all have the same goal in mind, to generate business for our companies or clients. Whether we're marketing a small business or a big organization, we work tirelessly to build positive brand recognition, educate consumers, and drive conversions. Digital Marketers rely on a variety of communication trends, from email to social media, to create a dialogue between brands and their audiences.

And when one mode of communication stands out from the rest of the business. Most organizations prefer email as their main source to communicate with their employees because of its lightning-fast speed and ability to cross borders and time zone with ease, email opens up the door to building a relationship with clients and consumers.

But before that let’s see some elements of email marketing and how you can engage your audience. Today, you'll learn about the best email marketing tools for boosting your email marketing efforts.

Elements of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a sort of direct digital marketing. Businesses send emails to a contact list that has subscribed to their email newsletters to market their products or services. Prospective and existing clients are notified about discounts, offers, and new debuts via email. However, numerous sorts of email campaigns are used by businesses. Transactional emails, sponsorship emails, email newsletters, and much more are available.

  • A captivating subject line that immediately draws readers in.
  • Email design that is uncluttered and mobile-friendly
  • A clear call-to-action button that encourages the reader to click and/or share
  • Personalization and optimal timing for each stage of the buyer journey via scheduled automation
  • A/B testing email campaigns and regularly updating email lists

Because emails are rarely read, marketers actively consider the following elements.

These characteristics are now catered to by specialized email marketing platforms with built-in functionality. These tools, together with email templates and design, reduce human work and eliminate guessing when it comes to sending bulk emails to a specific contact list. They are also capable of much more.

Defining Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools are software and programs that aid in the creation, distribution, and optimization of emails. They are also required for measuring the performance of email campaigns and assisting in the creation of reports.
There are both free and paid email marketing tools available on the market. Many paid ones offer free plans as well, although they have daily or monthly limits. However, most share characteristics such as

  • Email marketing automation for various stages of the buyer's journey
  • Email templates professionally developed for your business niche
  • Editors with drag-and-drop functionality

How Email Marketing Tools Can engage your audience

  • Email marketing can accomplish the following tasks:
  • Inform customers about new products and services.
  • Inform others about industry events and business news.
  • Inform customers about contests and incentives.
  • Publicize blog content
  • Direct customers through the sales funnel. 


Gist's extensive email marketing solutions will help you streamline your marketing efforts. Users can build exceptional customer service experiences for their visitors by utilizing their full suite of digital marketing products and services. The gist is the ideal platform to supplement your marketing efforts due to its all-in-one solution, which includes marketing automation, live chats, and event tracking.

Some Additional features of Gist:

Use live chat or chatbots to have real-time conversations with customers.
Receive leads from a variety of sources, including social media outlets.
Inbox automation saves time and boosts productivity.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is the complete package when it comes to email marketing solutions, delivering services to aid marketing, sales, and service professionals all through one easy site, from its user-friendly interface to its thorough statistics. Through split A/B testing, the cost-efficient platform enables users to find the most effective campaigns, while marketing automation allows users to "set it and forget it," streamlining all of your digital marketing efforts.

Some Additional features of Active Campaign:

A collection of eye-catching pre-designed email templates
Event monitoring is used to send customized communications to customers based on certain interactions.
Sales CRM automation that helps prioritize leads while tracking every interaction


MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing systems. This digital marketing application includes a lot of capabilities to assist in the development and engagement of audiences, as well as the conversion of potential leads into actual sales. Four pricing levels make it easy to pick the right package for your expanding business, and 24/7 customer service support makes onboarding a snap. It's no wonder that some of the world's most recognizable brands rely on MailChimp.

Some Additional features of MailChimp:

Advanced segmentation is used to target the right audience with each email campaign.
Marketing efforts that are automated in order to re-engage potential clients or consumers
Real-time performance tracking that records the number of emails delivered, the open rate, the click-through rate, and other metrics.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact will help you to build a brand simply, you can easily grow your business through different social ad campaigns, e-commerce websites, and professional marketing campaigns by using its drag-and-drop feature. As it has an excellent deliverability rate of around 97%, you can easily rely on it and can get assured that your digital marketing strategies do not go unnoticed.

Some Additional features of Constant Contact:

It has an interactive email campaign so that you can easily kickstart your journey with your audience.
You can easily grow your contact list through custom forms for your website.
It provides you with In-depth campaign reporting so that you can easily achieve your business objectives.


HubSpot really does it all, including tools to help your company's sales and marketing. Lead management software, advertising software, and pipeline management technologies can help you meet your sales targets faster. The email marketing solutions provided give long-term ROI and can assist you in developing meaningful relationships with customers.

Some Additional features of HubSpot:

HubSpot provides complete marketing data for all channels in one place, including email campaigns, social media, and Google analytics.
Email workflows for task and sales automation
Content optimization to ensure top SEO strategies and to consistently enhance your Google ranking


Act will be your perfect platform when you need to grow your audience. It is a cloud-based application that optimizes your customer engagement, transforming visitors directly into leads and sales. What its technology does is it assist big and small companies in creating stellar brand experiences, while working to improve your sales funnel. You can easily Utilize Act-On's marketing tool and product suites to draw and hold the attention of visitors.

Some Additional features of Act-on:

Utilize automated messaging to send the ideal message to your segmented audience.
With Act-automatic On's Journey Builder, increase audience engagement and boost purchases.
Utilize the SEO audit tools to optimize content for higher search engine placement.


Zoho is an email marketing solution that engages your client base and also boosts revenue, thanks to its beautiful email templates and real-time data. Your marketing techniques get automated to enhance efficiency using Zoho's comprehensive suite of digital tools and applications, but this is just the beginning with this all-purpose program. Zoho makes it easier for your small business to run smoothly on a daily basis by streamlining marketing, accounting, human resources, and sales.

Some Additional features of Zoho:

It has a collection of tools to help all the components of your marketing and sales strategy
With interactive email campaigns, forms, and landing page builders, transform your digital marketing
Determine commercial prospects with comprehensive performance tracking and metrics


Sendinblue offers all the marketing assistance required to expand your company. Users may construct successful email campaigns using their user-friendly email marketing tool. Segmentation and automation personalization features will improve your audience's perception of your brand. Sendinblue provides a variety of digital marketing tools, including Facebook ads and retargeting, in addition to its email marketing capabilities.

Some Additional features of Sendinblue:

It has Templates for automated workflows that boost office productivity
It also creates eye-catching email newsletters by dragging and dropping design blocks.
Smart scheduling features to increase the open and click-through rates of email campaigns


This tool provides support that pushes sales and grows your revenue, what it does is it transform the event industry with digital marketing solutions that support the growth of your business. 

Some Additional features of GlueUp:

It creates and promotes hundreds of events that can easily engage your audience.
It also helps you to engage and grow your company’s membership through GlueUp’s Membership Management Suite.

Campaign Monitor

You can make an impact on your audience and spread your message with the help of email marketing from Campaign Monitor. With the help of well-crafted templates or a simple drag-and-drop editor, you can easily adjust your material to create an effective campaign. Utilizing contact segmentation and timed automation, control the client journey. With a variety of marketing tools and services, you can increase your email list and convert prospects.

Additional characteristics of Campaign Monitor include:

Using advanced analytics, users can monitor the success of campaigns and make wise decisions to boost engagement.
The user-friendly drag-and-drop design tools let them create stunning and expert email campaigns.
To ensure that the proper message is given to the right recipient at the right time, use personalized marketing automation.


You can create emails, add contacts, schedule email campaigns, and view data on how your emails are performing with almost all email marketing tools. By using these tools, you can automate emails based on how contacts interact with any of your marketing platforms, A/B split test different sections of the email, and segment your contact list based on interests. Additionally, most lead-generating tools allow you to add lead forms to your website and build landing pages to increase the number of subscribers in the database.

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