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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn DevOps

23 Nov 2022

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The very first question that comes to our mind is why learn DevOps? And what are the benefits of learning DevOps?  
Well! The software engineers or the techies in the IT world are in awe of the word DevOps, well it’s not surprising as this word is a boom in the technology sector. The next big thing and in huge demand is a DevOps engineer or specialist. The IT world is just hunting for some real DevOps aspirants.
DevOps is the output of various logical and innovative methods applied over many years. It is a blend of words with DEV which means development, and OPS, which stands for operations.
DevOps is currently capturing the entire software world. With its amazing ability to automate the entire process, it makes life in the team easy and smoothens the process of software development.
The demand for DevOps engineers is high n the IT industry. There are fantastic job opportunities. So, if you are looking forward to an exclusive career, learning DevOps is a good choice. There is great career growth and amazing pay packages.
This article will provide you the general information on DevOps, let us know some of the benefits of DevOps.
What do the companies look forward to at the end of the day? It's productivity, right? DevOps is here to increase the productivity of the business. You must be excited to know how?
Mentioned below are some of the points which will explain to you, what are the benefits of learning DevOps.  

Why should you learn DevOps in 2022?

Better Setup

DevOps engineers create flawless programs that drive business agility. They build the best environment for business growth. The fast-growing solutions are applied in the system programs, which enhances the company's agility.

Effective  software distribution

DevOps develops error-free programs. A lot of system tasks are automatically generated, which leads to quick results and error-free performance. Regular backups always help the company to continue with the process, there is never a halt in the system process. 
The company's performance is hugely enhanced by the right distribution of the software. The software ensures efficiency in the company. The constant development and innovation by the DevOps engineers increases and speeds up the company's progress DevOps are cost-effective.

Enhance products' quality

The DevOps process enhances the quality of the development process and also reduces the errors in the system. Security issues are handled profoundly and leave fewer options to compromise on the development process, thus saving a lot of time and generating quick results.

It reduces IT costs

A lot of processing tasks are automated, which leaves no scope for adding any clusters in the company. Almost 35% fewer IT experts are required as per the report. Which proves very cost-effective for the company's growth?

Become a valuable asset for the company.

By learning DevOps you will learn different tools for faster and more practical training, software and app development, software deployment, etc this will only add more valuable points to your resume and experience. Companies are always looking for talent that is multitasking. 
So, learn DevOps now and add value to your company.
The best DevOps tools are Docker, Chef, Nagios, Git, Puppet, Ansible, etc you are exposed to the best tools to develop and understand various aspects of software development. With the help of these tools, you learn all about the design, deployment, and development of the app or software. 
With such great experience, the possibility of you being hired by big companies increases.
An introduction to trending tools and advanced technology

Increase your credibility

Your professional credibility gets a raise by obtaining a DevOps Certification. The certification certainly proves your efficiency in the following skill sets.

Monitoring application program

Advance coding for application development and software customization.
Define the software security framework.
Improved IT hardware
Troubleshooting various software issues
Connect databases, libraries, and other software for effective functionality.

Be a part of the DevOps industry

It has been observed that almost 45% of companies are offering open source jobs for professionals with DevOps expertise. DevOps skills are the most desired skill quality among candidates.
Are you willing to be a part of the DevOps industry and outshine your career, by working with the best developers? Learn DevOps today.

Job assurance and a  good  pay package

There are very few DevOps experts in the IT field. It's an exclusive specialty, and not everyone can seek DevOps skills. The IT industry is always looking for talent with technical expertise. The companies are ready to offer a high pay package for this unique position.
When it comes to making money, a DevOps engineer has a bright pay scale package. As per the reports, the average salary of a DevOps specialist is USD80K to USD150K per year.

Kick-start your DevOps career

If you are seeking a bright career option and you have developing skills or the zest to learn the development program. Just go for it. There is fine scope for a quality piece of work. Learn from the best firms that provide technical training with 100% practical experience. Fingertip is one such place that will guide you and give you the right exposure. It covers everything that you want to know about DevOps. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of a DevOps expert? 

DevOps expert job responsibilities are both technical and management roles. 
Smooth and professional communication is the key aspect of the DevOps expert. Excellent communication and coordination are required to provide the best business solutions.
Some major job responsibilities of a DevOps expert are as follows:

  • Understand the KPIs and client needs.
  • Proficient use of development, automation, testing, and IT infrastructure and
  • Design the team structure, activities, and participation plan in management programs.
  • Manage the stakeholders.
  • Define the required infrastructure and tools.
    It efficiently handles the testing, development, updates, releases, and support processes for DevOps.
    A DevOps expert should have the skills to review, update, and verify the software code in the project.
    Deep research and analysis
  • Fix the code bugs.
  • Process monitoring and making improvements and updating the process as per project requirements.
  • Handle risk management by deploying security measures.
  • Coordinate and communicate proficiently with the team and client.
  • Deploy CI/CD tools.

What are the top skills a DevOps expert should have? 

Communication and association with the development team.

Understand the tools. 
Security skills – integrate security with SDLC right from the start.  
A DevOps engineer should be skilled in automating the entire DevOps pipeline, including CI/CD cycles, app performance monitoring, infrastructure, and configurations.

Coding & Scripting
DevOps engineers should possess. Python, Ruby, Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, Bash, Shell, and Node.js are among the most recommended programming/scripting languages.

Cloud Skills
Cloud and DevOps are very compatible together. 
Cloud enables DevOps automation. 

Testing Skills
The program automation needs good testing. It is very important for DevOps' success. Automated tests are conducted and continuous testing is given huge importance.

Client focused approach
DevOps professionals must ensure that every minute detail required by the client is given good attention. DevOps experts should take care that every action taken by them must follow business objectives and deliver value-oriented results.


Is  DevOps a good career path?

DevOps career has a great scope with brilliant prospects. As a DevOps engineer, you must be very efficient in the software development life cycle (SDLC). Automation of tools and an innovative approach to resolving technical issues should be considered extra skills.

What is the pay package for DevOps?

Entry-level DevOps engineers with 2-3 years of experience can grab an average of INR 10 Lacs per annum.

What is the educational background required for a DevOps career?

There are various certifications involved in DevOps processes.
To start with, take a look at the picks in the following areas:

  • Should know OS: Linux, Windows
  • IaaS Providers: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud
  • PaaS Providers: CloudFoundry, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), Heroku
  • Virtualization Tools: VMWare, Oracle VirtualBox. Configuration 
  • Management Tools: SaltStack, Chef, Ansible 
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Bamboo CI, Travis CI, Concourse CI, Harness, Spinnaker, GoCD
  • Version Control Tools: GIT (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket), SVN
  • Containerization Tools:  Docker
  • Orchestration Tools: Kubernetes, OpenShift
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM): AppDynamics, NewRelic, SignalFx, DataDog, Dynatrace
  • Scripting language knowledge (Bash Scripting/Python/Ruby)
  • Log Analysis & Monitoring: ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana(ELK), Splunk  Application/web servers
  • Programming language knowledge (Java/C#) 

What should we learn in DevOps in 2022?

Following is the list of some of the best DevOps tools:
  • GitHub – Source code management
  • Maven – Build server
  • Jenkins – Continuous integration tool
  • Selenium – Automated testing tool
  • Puppet – Configuration management tool
  • Ansible – Configuration management tool
  • Nagios – Monitoring tool 
  • Docker – Deployment platform
  • Kubernetes – Orchestration tool
  • Chef – Configuration management tool

Name some of the industries that are dependent on DevOps.

Hospitality, Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, Retail, IT, Telecom, and Education are the sectors that look forward to the DevOps experts.

What are the DevOps positions that one opts for in the IT industry?

A DevOps expert can look forward to the following job options:
DevOps manager, DevOps automation expert, DevOps lead, DevOps engineer, DevOps security professional, and DevOps testing professional.

How do I start learning DevOps?

Following are the objectives to learn DevOps

  • Understand the benefits of DevOps and the development process.
  • Understand the DevOps environment and get insights.
  • Understand various DevOps tools.
  • Understand the pipeline of the DevOps process. 

The important key steps of learning DevOps  are:

  • Get your DevOps basic right
  • Get the right approach and make sure your journey of getting to know all about DevOps is going in the right direction.  Fingertips will guide you to the right career track. The courses will cover the following points to ensure you get the right guidance. 
  • DevOps Methodology
  • Continuous Integration
  • Source control
  • DevOps and cloud
  • Management Configuration
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Monitoring Software

Wrap up

The market value of DevOps is at high stake. The IT industry is constantly in the process of acquiring DevOps experts. It has a promising career with great growth opportunities. The pay packages are exceptional. Various organizations are opting for DevOps for reliable and faster business growth. 
 If you are trying to understand the basics of DevOps or you are an aspiring DevOps engineer and want to know everything about this automation platform, this book is for your Fingertips is the right place. You will be trained for the DevOps development program You can even upskill and add more brownie points to your knowledge. Go for it... and pursue your dream career.

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