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What is Power BI - A Beginner's Guide to learn Power BI

23 Nov 2022

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Let us know what is business intelligence. Well, it is the collection of applications, processes, technologies, and skills used to extract data-oriented business insights. A BI analyzes, collects, and segregates data in a meaningful report to facilitate business decisions.

Data-driven companies make the best use of BI tools from real-time data stores and extract huge data to perform queries, generate reports, and present upcoming and in-demand business trends.  
Now that you know what is business intelligence? 
Let’s explore the basic features of business intelligence.

What are the 5 basic features of business intelligence?

Business intelligence is an important tool in achieving operational and organizational goals. We have to be very quick when it comes to customer demands, market changes, or trending business needs.  
Following are the 5 basic features of business intelligence.

Pre-defined analytics 

The importance of business intelligence can be seen in how it predefines analytics. BI solutions allow you to generate your business reports and configure your system. A pre-configured BI system allows you to create modules for sales, finance, purchase department, manufacturing, and inventory. The pre-configured BI system has dashboards and reports customization options.
BI solution analyzes, visualizes, and leverages the huge information from the data store and presents it in a strategic way for the future. 

Multiple data source connection 

The role of business intelligence is very crucial. The BI solution should successfully be able to combine data from financial systems, ERP, and CRM but also from external sources like applications or business systems. ADI can pull data from any external source to access the dynamic 365 data. This also signifies the importance of business intelligence.

Support for stored data and trend analysis 

BI solutions often give you a clear analysis of recent past data storage status. A much deeper report can be provided by tracking data from deeper resources from different sources. This makes it a smooth understanding of business patterns over time.

Advanced analytics

The importance of business intelligence is to design advanced analytics. BI solutions offer trend analysis to highlight the statistical aspects to identify the problems that appear in the business. The role of business intelligence with machine learning and advanced analytical feature is to identify the outcome from the complex and detailed data structure.

Real-time analytics

BI solutions have the efficiency to frequently refresh the data so you get fresh updates on updated time. This helps you in getting details on the project on the spot for you to take instant decisions. 

What are the basic components of business intelligence? 

OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)

OLAP component of BI allows programmers to sort and select collected data for strategic monitoring. With the help of specific software products, a business analyst can use data to make adjustments to overall business processes. 

Advanced analytics

A certain set of tools allows users to study the market strategy and predict the future. Any big or small change in the business strategy will always be able to give a detailed report on how the changes may or may not affect the business. 

Data warehousing

Data warehousing is the process of discovering patterns from huge unstructured data sources and preparing the data ready for analytical processes.

Data source

Business intelligence benefited in a big way after getting data sources from unstructured raw data, which is later used for further processing for analytics purposes.

What are business intelligence examples?

In this section, we will get to know what are the business intelligence examples that draw various patterns in industry growth. Business intelligence strategies are successfully implemented in various streams. In sales, marketing, finance, etc quantitative analysis, and business growth increase the possibilities of better business prospects and open new opportunities. 
Here are some of the real-time business intelligence examples used. 

Finance: With the combined set of the structure of the financial data with operations and sales data, users can pull the right amount of information to get clear business insights and understand the factors that cause profit or loss. 

Sales: Complex sales reports like customer value, customer profitability, and discount or offer analysis. The reports are generated in the dashboard and are used by the operational managers and BI consultants.
The detailed report that is generated by BI tools is studied and monitored by sales managers to get clear information on sales performance along with future growth possibilities using dashboards or data visualization.
Operations: Managers access and analyze the data for product supply from various collective sources of data stores to optimize the processes. The AI helps in locating and making the supply process easy and accurate with business intelligence assistance.

What are the benefits of business intelligence?

The importance of business intelligence is leading us ahead on the road of progression. BI is proving very beneficial in today’s age as it provides smart data solutions. BI analyses the data, the market requirement, client requirements, and client behavior, comparing data, tracking business performance, spotting market trends, and discovering new aspects in business insights.  
Here you will get a clear idea on what are the benefits of business intelligence and what is the role of business intelligence in providing effective business results. 

Accurate report

Users get accurate reports on sales, marketing, customer behaviors, profit, and goals. The reports and real-time data can be tracked by monitoring the KPIs using various data sources. The tables, charts, and visuals help to give clear information to the user. These reports can be generated in real-time and the most relevant information can be used to make better decisions that help a business grow.

Productive results

The benefits of business intelligence are productive. The business process is automated and more refined with BI implementation. It reduces manual tasks and generates automatic results which help the business grow. The higher management can access data directly from the cloud and get the report on any department which saves a lot of time. 

Competitive advantage

Tracking customer behavior, and monitoring their business moves, helps you safeguard your business strategies, and develop interesting marketing plans for customer lead generation. Business intelligence helps you to monitor industry phases. BI allows you to foresee the client's requirements. All the market information, sales, and business challenges are put forward with clear information.

Accurate decision-making ability

Business intelligence gathers the collective data and extracts the important data, and analyzes it to come up with strategic solutions. All the company`s data is updated and real-time data reports are always available to analyze financial developments. The figures and facts extracted from the reports often help the users to bring high business efficiency and development to the company`s growth.   
The benefits of business intelligence have a long list; check out the career scope in BI. 

What is the career scope in business intelligence?

Aspiring analysts have amazing prospects for great career growth in the business intelligence stream. A career outlook is very promising depending on your experience. Job titles like Management analyst, market research analyst, financial analyst, and computer system analyst are some high-end business intelligence career options. These positions offer handsome salary packages that can outshine your capabilities. Salaries can vary from $53,785 to $79,380 depending on your experience. Get an aspiring career in Business intelligence.

What is the whole purpose of business intelligence?

The purpose of business intelligence is to make accurate well informed business-oriented decisions. An analytical process that generates the best financial solutions. The main objective of BI in business implementation is to achieve three aspects that are Increase business revenue, Decrease business risks, and cost effective solutions. 
Operational efficiencies are effectively increased when business intelligence applications are smartly implemented. Business intelligence provides the tools and skills required to discover meaningful informational data from the raw data store. The filtered data helps to generate more business and financial growth is estimated. 
Performance goals are successfully tracked by the KPI which get both a comprehensive and organizational overview. 
Overall tracking all financial steps and data-driven decisions, new opportunities to explore the market activates that generate more revenue for the company.

What are the career options in Artificial Intelligence?

Some of the awesome career options in AI are mentioned below.
Machine Learning Engineer
Machine learning engineers are a combination of data science study and software engineering. Huge production-level science models which can handle tetra bytes in actual data are managed by the machine learning engineers by the use of data tools and programming languages. 
AI jobs seek applicants with the knowledge of strong mathematical skills, machine learning experience, deep learning, neural networks, cloud computing, and programming skills in java, python. 
The average salary of a machine learning engineer is 1,39,450 

Business Intelligence Developer

Business intelligence (BI) developer process the complicated internal and external data to identify the business flow. A financial company for instance would want the BI developer to study the stock market and get the analysis done to bring a new perspective on the stock and financial investment. In the marketing company, a BI developer would study the market sales and monitor the trends to define different strategies.
BI developers are responsible for designing, defining, modeling, and maintaining complex data on the cloud platform to use the dashboards. 
BI developers are engineering, and computer science graduates. With experience in data warehouse design, data mining, SQL, Tableau, Power BI, etc
Good technical and analytical experience. 
The average salary of an experienced BI developer can be $130,120 in a reputed firm.

Research Scientist

The most academically driven AI career option is the role of a research scientist. They come up with new ideas and questions for the AI to answer. Experienced disciplined professionals in data mining, deep learning, data science, statistics, etc Researchers are expected to have computer science doctoral degrees. 
Research scientists should have extensive detailed knowledge of mathematics, machine learning, deep learning, and parallel computing. 
Research scientists are highly in demand. The topmost companies are always looking for the best researchers in the AI industry. They are offered a handsome salary of approximately $89,780.


BI makes it possible to collect data from multiple sources and analyze the information in such a way that it broadens the customer’s business views in terms of better business strategy and expands the company's stake in the market. Companies see the better and bigger picture and make business decisions with precision. 

As BI solutions are reliable huge business decisions are now easy to take. The vision is clear as all historic data is now available in the cloud for the management to monitor. 
Organizations are now having much-improved strategies and efficiencies to run the company with a clear vision. With the faster decision-making ability, progress is assured with less risk. With reliable data and experienced views, the business gets the best insights. 
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