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Big Data Engineer Salary Trends In 2023

08 May 2023

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What is the earning of a big data engineer, what is a big data engineer job, and what are big data engineer salaries by the level of experience and job title and, of course, data engineer salary? Before entering a new career field, these are the bunch of questions that go through the mind. If you're interested to start your career as a big data engineer and are looking for salary insights in the domain, you're at the right place. The blog covers all the important salary guidance for big data engineers that anyone will need. 

Before jumping to the big data engineer salary, let's start with the skills that affect a big data engineer salary     

Skills That Affect A Big Data Engineer Salary

Big data engineering, without a doubt, is a buzzword in the technological world. Well, do you know the reason behind that? It's because all the important and valuable calculated decisions are taken by big data and data science people. They study the data, track the hidden insights and make calculated decisions for the organization. So, without worrying and thinking about a big data engineer's salary, you must be aware of the skills that affect a big data engineer's salary. Let's see what they are. 

Database Tools 

As mentioned earlier, big data engineers are responsible for working with a huge lot of data and analyzing it. As the data is in abundance, data engineers are required to store and organize the data. And for this reason, Database storing knowledge is a must-required skill for database tools. Some of the popular tools are SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, etc. 

Data Visualization 

Another important skill for big data engineers is data visualization. Any professional working in the field of data and technology requires this skill. The skill involves converting hard-to-read textual data into graphic form. In this way, technical information can be easily conveyed to stakeholders. This skill increases creativity and imagination among professionals. 

Machine Learning 

Machine learning is more of a focus for data scientists, but it'll be an additional benefit with big data engineers are aware of the basic concepts of machine learning. Also, if you're aware about statistical analysis and data modeling, you'll definitely stand out as an individual.

Programming Skills 

There's a huge demand for professionals who have analytical as well as programming knowledge. Basics programming languages like Python, R, C, etc., can be of big help to professionals. Along with this, sound knowledge of maths, statistics, algorithms, and models can help you go a long way. 

Cloud Computing 

To store data and guarantee high availability of Data, the majority of Big Data teams will choose a cloud setup. Companies approve of cloud storage because it is less expensive to store big amounts of data there than on-site storage systems. Many businesses even utilize a hybrid cloud architecture, where data can be kept on private or public clouds depending on the needs and organizational policies.

These were some of the major skills that affect the data engineer's salary. There are various non-technological skills that one must have, like strong communication skills, critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving, and more. Now that we've been through the skills let's see big data engineer salary trends. We'll start with a big data engineer salary in India. 

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Big Data Engineer Salary In India  

Well, if you don't know already, a big data engineer's salary in India or anywhere else depends on various factors like location, experience, company, etc. But, all in all, according to the survey of Glassdoor, the average data engineer salary is around 8 Lakh Indian Rupees. With the shortage of skilled individuals, professionals with the right skill will continue to grab great opportunities in the field. Let's see how geographic location changes a data engineer's salary.

Bangalore's average pay for a big data engineer is Rs 897,000.

1,171,000 p.a. is the big data engineer salary in Chennai.

Hyderabad's Big Data Engineer pay is Rs 946,000 per year.

820,000 per annum is the big data engineer pay in Delhi.

The salary for a Big Data Engineer in Mumbai is 811,000 p.a.

Now, let's see big data engineer salaries in other regions.

Big Data Engineer Salaries In Other Regions

Starting with UK, Data engineers at that location make an average yearly pay of £48,481. The salary range for a big data engineer in the US is from $68,931 to $155,000, with an average salary of $90,000. The average yearly salary for big data engineers is between $90,000 and $110,000, and 86% of them make over $155,000. Apart from the location factor, the biggest factor which decides the salary average of a profession is the experience, skill, and job title of an individual. Let's see big data engineer salaries by the level of experience and job title. 

Big Data Engineer Salaries By Level Of Experience And Job Title 

Entry Level Data Engineers 

There is no requirement for years of Big Data technical experience for entry-level positions. One should, however, have a background in education and theoretical data management understanding. 

Entry-level data engineers can expect to make between $59K and $78K on average, according to Payscale. 

Mid-Level Data Engineers 

A mid-career data engineer in the United States can make between $79K and an average of roughly $107K, according to Payscale. You could also want to begin expanding your knowledge of the Hive and Kafka architectures, two more included in the Apache ecosystem. 

Senior Data Engineer Salary

Last but not least, Payscale reports that the typical income for an experienced data engineer in the United States ranges from approximately $86K to nearly $118K. To maximize your earning potential, you'll need to have a deep understanding of programming languages like Java, Scala, and big data analytics. So, now you've seen big data jobs salary, but it is important to stay updated with the current trends in the market. Along with that, it is equally important to be aware of future trends that may affect the big data engineering salary. So, before finishing the blog, let's see the future trends in the field.  

Future Trends Of Data Engineers 

You already know what the important skills of data engineering are, but let's see what the future trends of data engineers for the year 2023 and beyond are: 

Business & Data Growth 

By the year 2025, there will be huge production of data, and businesses will grow. Data engineering jobs will become more technical and even complicated for managing the data produced. 

Concerns For Data Security 

Never before has the value of data been more crucial than it is now. Data will inevitably play a significant role in future breakthroughs and profitability, elevating the importance of reliability in the eyes of customers. The enormous amount of data that businesses produce, store, and manage is exponentially increasing, necessitating more data governance. Additionally, the computing environment is always changing, making it more difficult to safeguard and monitor data.

Cloud Management 

Businesses will keep switching from private clouds to public or hybrid solutions. Data engineering teams will need to build storage and transport methods that take advantage of public cloud cost savings while also having private infrastructure privacy and compliance advantages. To handle huge data volumes in a distributed manner, businesses all around the world require modern Agile-managed distributed infrastructures.

Data Analytical Tools 

Better analytical tools are urgently needed, given the huge amount of unorganized information the world creates nowadays. Technical and non-technical users can both employ augmented analytics (AA), which comprises analytical tools that have been enhanced by AI, ML, and NLP.

New Job Roles 

So far, the data teams have included data scientists, architects, and engineers. However, as the business objectives derived from data change continually, new roles could be created. Reliability engineers, data product managers, and data operations engineers are to be the newest positions to emerge in the upcoming years. We hope these trends will help you to widen your knowledge of data engineering. Now, let's continue to conclude the blog. 


Before a data scientist begins his/her work, data engineers need to work on the data. The majority of people enter the field of data science intending to become data scientists without realizing what a data engineer is or what their responsibilities would be. In today's data-rich environment, these data engineers are essential components of any data science project, and their demand in the business is expanding quickly. We've covered all the possible salary trends for data engineer salary India. We hope the skills and future trends mentioned in the blog are useful for you. 

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