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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

28 Oct 2022

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What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is the course of action taken to accomplish customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of a successful business. No matter how innovative or comprehensive the product or your service is, it requires correct marketing. Traditional Marketing is the process of making a profit by providing the expected advertisement to a customer.

The common traditional marketing methods were:

  • Flyers and posters
  • Tele-marketing
  • Direct mailers, coupons
  • Tv commercials
  • Cold calling
  • Door-to-door sales
  • Banner ads
  • Television advertisements
  • Radio advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Direct mail advertisements
  • Billboards and off-site signs

Why Traditional Marketing?

The studies have analyzed that traditional marketing holds a good place in the market even today. The classic method of reaching the audience through flyers-posters or tv-commercials is impactful. Traditional marketing holds a vital place today when it comes to local marketing campaigns. There are many places where digital marketing is yet to reach. 
The classic traditional marketing method is influential, it is practiced regularly in the local markets or rural areas and outshines with great results.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also known as online marketing. The technology is used to reach customers through digital platforms to promote the product, brand, or services. The various platforms like social media, web applications, multimedia messages or text messages, and email marketing are sources that define digital marketing. Digital marketing is authorized directly by the internet. The combination of digital devices like smartphones, and pads make it easy to reach out to the world. The right use of digital technology can give businesses great hype.

The digital marketing methods are featured below:
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Websites
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Search Engines Ads
  • SEO

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an effective way to connect to online customers across the globe. It is important as it connects with all the business industry. Digital Marketing has proved a great business booster for many industries. It is a valuable asset for business growth and makes a huge online impact. Market studies show that 80% of business professionals agree that SEO, PPC, and Social media marketing increase brand identity and reach.
There are three types of digital media forms:

  • Earned media
  • Owned media
  • Paid media

Earned media

Earned media is the organic way to reach the audience. Publicity of a product that covers social media by spreading the product quality by the users through online communication is earned media. When users interact amongst themselves regarding the product or service of any company the word of mouth publicity always helps to generate more business.

Customer loyalty plays a vital part in increasing business leads eventually.

Owned media

A company owns digital media through owned media forms. Digital marketing focuses on generating leads and business by posting engaging content in the form of articles, blogs, videos, social media posts/comments, and the use of a youtube channel. All these digital feeds are owned and controlled by the company for self-promotion.

Paid media

The company aims to hike profit with a payment method referred to as paid media. the organic reach of clients can take time, the companies prefer paid media techniques to promote the brands or products and reach the audience directly. The promotion of the brand on websites or social media platforms with good campaign strategies proves very beneficial for the company.
Let us find out the different forms of digital marketing that are highly beneficial brand promotion methods.

What are the Different Types of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Experts use various forms of digital marketing to increase the reach of the right audience. To generate the best business results, a well-channelized and planned digital marketing strategy is proved very beneficial. 
There are nine different types of digital marketing strategies you can imply according to your business requirement.
Each form of digital marketing is impactful and the best marketing solution.

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing/PPC
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Audio marketing
  • Let us explore the significance of every form.

Content marketing

Mobile Marketing Content marketing is developing relevant and valuable content for a company. The content should be informational and target audience oriented. It helps in a big way to generate leads and increase sales.
Content marketing should be consistent and published frequently. You have to develop quality and informational content which will add production value to the targeted audience. 
Showcasing interesting content with the latest industry trends keeps the audience hooked to the information in the form of blogs, articles, e-books, videos, or newsletters.
The best part of content marketing is that it is a free, creative, and expressive method to pass on the right message to the audience. It is a resourceful and skillful option to entertain, educate and reach the audience.
The organic method of getting a good audience is the best way to implant authentic and quality values in the audience, organically reaching the audience can be a time-consuming process, but the ultimate results are worth waiting for.
The one thing you must implement while branding or reaching your audience is that the presentation of exclusive content is essential.

Social media marketing

Digital marketing channelizes social media marketing very effectively. Social media platforms are the best way to promote your product and reach out to the right audience.
You have to create a business profile on any social media platform. The ads or social media posts regarding the business can boost the business.
Social media marketing needs emerging strategies with specific goals. 
It includes posting videos, images, content, and stories that highlight the brand and targets a specific audience.
Maintaining and optimizing company profile.
Interact with the audience through comments and get feedback or customer experience.
Following and creating interest with the users/customers and the influencers to associate with the online communities.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a digital marketing firm that helps to increase the visibility of your company website on the search engine result page (SERP). It eventually increases web traffic and can help the company to reach the audience. Search engine marketing is also known as pay-per-click (PPC).

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is direct marketing that lets the business shares its products or services with the clients. A well-designed marketing strategy increases sales and expands the product's reach among the online community. There are three types of email marketing. Promotional emails, informational emails, and Re-engagement email marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the strategy that helps you make money at any time with or without your presence. It is a process where the affiliate makes money by promoting a product for other companies. They get a good profit commission on each sale they make. Various websites track affiliate sales.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the advertising strategy that can promote any promote through smartphones or tablets. Mobile technology makes the best use of mobile features, such as location tracking or mobile campaign setting to reach the audience and promote the business. 
Mobile marketing involves the activities like product promotion through messages or mobile app features.

Video Marketing

Video making is a powerful form of digital marketing that adequately engages the audience in the marketing campaign. Video marketing is reaching out to the audience through engaging video content and promoting the company or its product. Video marketing helps businesses to increase their business reach, business profit, and reach an audience. It is the best way to attract new customers, convert or retain new customers and achieve great success.

Audio marketing

Audio marketing is the technique to reach the audience and expand the product or company's reach and increase the business profits. To increase brand promotion and awareness, it helps increase audience engagement. 

As you are well aware of the various types of digital marketing techniques, let us understand the various types of traditional marketing techniques.

What are the Different Types of Traditional Marketing?

Following are the different types of traditional marketing techniques:

  • Broadcasting
  • Print
  • Billboard
  • Telemarketing
  • Mail
  • Event marketing


Broadcasting helps to get national recognition by creating commercials on television or radio. Broadcasting is a method that provides a large amount of promotional content to the television medium. It can be commercials or promotional materials. By advertising on radio or television medium you can reach a wide range of audience and lure them towards the company or your product. This helps in a huge way to generate company profits.


Print ad material opens up ways to reach every household in the form of newspaper ads, magazines, flyers, and posters. The print medium does leave a strong impact on customers as it helps to leverage the customer or reach the product. All the brand information or campaign highlight can be made available to the audience through the print medium, it does the magic and leads to more sales.


If you have a  goal is to achieve local recognition for your company. Billboard advertisement placed on the highways or in the cities are good mediums to reach the audience. The best creativity and highlighting of the product with a catchy tagline make it easier for the audience to remember it. It helps to attract leads and increase the sale of the product.


Telemarketing is applicable and has proved very beneficial to companies who sell their products over the phone. Both B2B and B2C companies can use this method to generate business. It develops stronger customer relationships through direct communication and proper guidance over the phone. It is certainly a good way to reach the customers and develop a trust factor which helps in business growth.


Direct mail materials like postcards or letters when circulated in the local market to targeted audiences. It can grab good attention or spread awareness of the product. When curiosity is created by mail marketing it becomes easy for the customers to reach the company or business in the local market. This has proved a very successful method to generate an emotional connection with the audience.

Event marketing

Event marketing is the right place to reach a definite audience. Your product can be given exposure in the form of banners, boards, or hoardings at events like business meets, seminars or conferences. Also, other sports events or any social events are a good source to advertise company products to increase product awareness and sales. 

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing 

Traditional marketing has a fixed advertising format; Digital marketing is a dynamic form of marketing. In digital marketing, you have control over your audience. You can decide the time and budget for your ad campaign and publish the platform. In traditional marketing, you have no privilege to choose a specific audience.
Digital marketing makes it possible to interact with the audience through comments, or emails and get immediate feedback which helps a lot in understanding the market or customer requirements. Traditional marketing on the other hand is a slow and one-way process, where getting feedback from customers can be a slow process.
Traditional marketing has a standard audience; Digital marketing can define or customize the audience.
Traditional marketing is a costlier affair. With huge advertising investments, traditional marketing does not define a target audience, as it cannot be analyzed as to which audience will be reacting to the advertisements. In digital marketing, the method is quite definable where you are free to choose the location or audience age, which proves very beneficial for the business.
Traditional marketing is an expensive and slow process but it does leave a deep impact on the audience and it helps in the long run of the business, whereas digital marketing is economical with quick results, and it can prove temporary business gain as many new products are introduced so frequently in the market. With high marketing challenges and the quest to provide quality service, it becomes a bit difficult for digital marketing techniques to maintain product quality.
The lack of features like selecting the targeted audience increases the investment cost in traditional marketing, it is economical in the digital marketing technique where we are free to define the target audience with location and also reach globally as per the requirement.

Which Type of Marketing is Best For You?

  • Investing in marketing for your business is a difficult judgment. It is an important step and has many risk factors. Deciding which marketing strategy to choose is not an easy task. Digital marketing is quite economical and affordable as compared to traditional marketing. A lot depends upon your business goal, even if it's an expensive affair traditional marketing can prove effective in business growth.
  • Digital marketing has the advantage of reaching out globally or in any defined area with a specific audience. The time and audience age can also be channelized in digital marketing which proves very helpful for achieving the expected target. Traditional marketing has few limitations when it comes to reaching a wide audience, it can be an overpriced step to reach wider audience.
  • Traditional marketing is a classic technique that is used for branding or product awareness. Digital marketing on the other hand is more about generating leads and increasing the product sale.
  • It all depends on your business requirement as to what is the requirement; it will become clear which marketing technique will prove the best decision for the business growth.

Following are a few points that you should understand well while deciding the best marketing technique for your business.

  • Traditional marketing can prove very expensive as it requires to print and television medium coverage.
  • Digital marketing can customize the audience selection along with the location, which proves very helpful to reach the right audience in less time.
  • Traditional marketing can be a time-consuming but effective process. Digital marketing gives effects in much less time.

So, you have to decide as per your business requirement which technique suits your perspective. Hope this article was informational and helpful to you.

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