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How AI And Automation Are Changing The Way We Work?

22 Dec 2022

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People are just getting to know what all things Artificial Intelligence is capable of doing. Businesses and organizations are rethinking their way of working, and many have already replaced the manual working system with AI and automation.

The reason for such a shift is that AI technology can perform a task within a few seconds while doing the same work manually can take a few hours. And therefore, companies want to focus human resources on other important tasks and creative work, while AI and Automation can complete the day-to-day operations. Nowadays, AI and automation advancement are performing activities that humans didn't have thought for a few years back. For example, the very famous brand Lenskart has adopted the virtual AR concept so potential customers can try on the brand's glasses in the comfort of their homes. Not only one, but AI has also impacted the working of various fields. Before seeing that, let's know what AI is first.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the emulation of intelligence in devices that are designed to act and think like humans. Artificial intelligence can also be used to refer to any computer that presents characteristics of the human intellect, like learning and problem-solving.

Artificial intelligence's ability to reason and take measures with the best likelihood of reaching a specific objective is ideal. Machine learning (ML), a subtype of AI, is the concept that computer programs can automatically discover and respond to new data without human intervention. Deep learning algorithms allow for this autonomous learning by using huge quantities of unstructured data, including text, photos, and video.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation in Healthcare 

The application of AI in the healthcare sector differs from data management to disease diagnosis. And there are numerous examples of how AI has affected the working of the healthcare sector. Let's see how: 

  • AI and automation have made robotic surgery possible. Robots can perform 24-hour-long surgery almost daily, increasing the sector's efficiency. The AI-based robots need assistance from a professional doctor, but this scenario minimizes the chance of error and reduces the doctor's workload.
  • AI-based software can now read MRI scans and detect any sign of a tumor or any other life-taking disease. Due to this, early-level detection of harmful diseases has become possible. 
  • Also, one of the concepts of AI, NLP, efficiently organizes and maintains long patient records that one can scan. 

Artificial Intelligence and Automation in E-Commerce 

One of the most known advantages you might already know of is getting preferred products. But there are various other advantages that E-commerce enjoys of AI and automation; let's see a few of them: 

  • The E-commerce field faces two significant problems: fraudulent transactions and fake negative reviews. With artificial intelligence's algorithm, the software can identify suspicious logins and possible fraudulent transactions and easily detect fake reviews written without any purchase.
  • AI and automation-powered chat assistance system helps E-commerce owners to be available for consumers 24*7. The NLP concept is used to frame the answers to consumers' questions. 
  • As mentioned above, AI and automation resulted in the introduction of personalized shopping experiences for consumers. Consumers get various recommendations according to their liking, which is predicted by previous browsing activities and preferences.  

 Artificial Intelligence And Automation In Social Media 

Social networking companies utilize artificial intelligence to scan through vast volumes of data to identify patterns, hashtags, and trends. This research enhances the understanding of user behavior. To deliver a customized experience and spot crises, artificial intelligence can analyze unorganized consumer reviews in various ways. The system can also aid in content development by analyzing numerous actions and demographics.

Let's explore several well-known social media platforms and how they use social media: 

  • Instagram: When choosing which posts to display in your Explore tab on Instagram, AI considers your likes and the accounts you follow.
  • Facebook(meta): Using technology, Facebook can analyze conversations more accurately. It is used to translate posts across languages automatically.

  • Twitter: Twitter employs AI to eliminate hateful content, propaganda, and fraud identification. Depending on the kinds of tweets users interact with, Twitter also utilizes AI to make suggestions to users.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation in Automation

The automotive sector has also changed thanks to AI. The development of self-driving vehicles has drastically altered the business of automobiles. Many companies, including Tesla, Nissan, Audi, Volvo, and others, are working on self-driving automobiles. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the primary technologies employed in building self-driving cars.

Sensors, cameras, voice detectors, and countless more devices are used in self-driving cars. Data is gathered to analyze the environment, and the automobile software issues instructions so the vehicle may drive safely. The AI-enabled advanced algorithms will locate the best route to the destination if you only enter the location into the route map. 

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Q. How is automation at the workplace changing?

AI and automation revolutionize how companies conduct their internal operations and interact with customers. Reducing manual labor can give workers more time to concentrate on higher-value tasks, which may encourage additional innovation and give your company a competitive edge.

Q. How is artificial intelligence transforming the world?

AI improves the quality of people's lives by powering several applications and services that assist users in performing daily tasks like contacting friends, utilizing email, or using ride-sharing services. The best applications of AI in modern life are smart homes, smartphones, drones, and smart cars.

Q. Will automation and ai reduce or increase jobs?

Although it is frequently claimed that automation will lead to the loss of millions of jobs in the upcoming years, the actual impact relies on how we handle the transition. It might increase economic prospects, support localized manufacturing models, and offer satisfying employment opportunities for a more diversified workforce. If you want to enter this exciting field and future-proof your career, enroll in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Program

Q. What is the nature of artificial intelligence?

The replication of human intelligence functions by machines and computer systems is called artificial intelligence. Some examples of artificial intelligence are intelligent systems, NLP, speech recognition, and machine vision are some examples of specific AI applications.

Acting wisely is being intelligent; intelligence is only defined by exterior behavior. In other words, actual intellect that has been artificially generated will be artificial intelligence if and when it is developed.

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