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How Can AI Chatbots Help Enhance Customer Experience

14 Nov 2022

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What is AI Chatbot?

A AI chatbot is a computer program that emulates the exchange of information between the user and the computer device. The conversation is precise and sophisticated to interact with the user. 
When you visit a website and you receive a pop-up window asking if you need any help or specifications regarding any product or service. If you are supposed to attend an event and you get a message on your smartphone asking whether you require a pick or drop facility through a chat or imagine you order food via voice command and you receive a message on your smartphone that your food is ready and will be delivered in a certain time. All these are fine examples of the digital conversations chatbots offer.
A chatbot is AI generated with the implementation of machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP). Chatbots are designed to respond to various questions or inquiries asked by users.

Which AI techniques are used in chatbots?

Following are the techniques used in chatbots.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the essential AI technique used in chatbots. NLP is the backbone and foundation of chatbots which signifies how artificial intelligence is used in the process of developing chatbots.
Natural Language Processing is connected with the interaction between the computer system and human languages. It is the subset of, information engineering, artificial intelligence, linguistics, and computer science.
NLP when activated in chatbots, it allows the computer program to understand and amend human communication and language.

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Entity recognition is a crucial technique used in AI chatbots. NER locates and finds out the particular set of classified information from the text and converts it into a predefined set of classes like the name and location of a person, organization, company details, financial value, or percentage.
When developing any conversational AI chatbot, a generative-based, retrieval-based, or heuristic-based approach is followed. NER supports all these approaches and a conversational AI chatbot is successfully developed. 

Conversational AI in Chatbots

Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri are handy voice assistants we are familiar with and we rely on them for our daily tasks. These applications are conversational AI and they are a very essential part of the chatbots. A digital assistant and support provided by such conversational AI systems have increased the quality of communication, and understanding between the user and the AI system by making very liable dialogs. 

How Can AI Chatbots Help Enhance Customer Experience

The following points specify how AI chatbots have enhanced customer experience.

  • Add valuable customer support.
  • Offering quick responses to simple questions.
  • Shorten customer wait.
  • No service pressure on customers.
  • Attentive customer service.
  • Develop high-quality leads.
  • Extract informative data on business status.

1. Add valuable Customer Support

AI Chatbots add value to the customer experience, as its an easy channel to communicate with the company communication system. All your queries or related concerns are resolved by a quick exchange of communication. Users can connect to the support department through convenient resources like phone devices, computer systems, or via e-mail.

2. Offering quick responses to simple questions

When a user reaches the support team, it does provide the required information, but due to huge web traffic, many times it becomes difficult for the online support team to resolve a particular user query instantly. AI chatbots come in here, it eases this situation and all the simple questions are resolved. In case a human assistant is required a chatbot would conveniently transfer the service to the representative as per the user's requirement.

3. Shorten customer wait

When communicating with the AI chatbot it is noticed that 53% of the users experience a response time of fewer than 5 secs, practically it is not possible by the active representative. If required active live chat support, an AI chatbot comfortably transfers the chat to the related representative. 

Chatbot impressively increases the user communication experience with quick responses, thus cutting down a lot of customers' waiting time.

4.No service pressure on customers

Automated AI chatbot services reduce a lot of a company's work pressure. An AI chatbot is trained to answer customer queries and solve small problems, it saves a lot of company time. Many companies now prefer the automated AI chatbot service to resolve adequate customer issues quickly.
The company representatives can now focus on sensitive case matters and the AI chatbot can take care of the standard client query task. like what are the office hours? 

5. Attentive customer service

The online support team is less stressed and more attentive as the standard customer queries and questions are handled well by the AI chatbots. A lot of work pressure is released. The support team now pays attention to highly sensitive user queries and resolves the issues that need attention.
The 24/7 service is the best AI chatbot feature, which helps make many productive decisions. The customer doesn't have to wait for the support team's response. The standard customer queries are attended  by the AI chatbots, even after office hours or in case of company holidays. This makes a remarkable customer experience.

6. Develop high-quality leads

The AI Chatbots gather a lot of useful information from the customer during the chat sessions, information regarding the client details and area of service. This information reveals the customer's future interest in the services that converts them into the quality lead category. 
Various companies and industries have verified that due to the conversational AI Chatbots it has been noticed constant growth in high-quality leads.

7. Extract informative data on business status

As the Ai Chatbots connect with the customers and extract information about interesting service areas. During the communication process, a large amount of information is filtered by the AI chatbots, which extract facts about the business growth. This number reveals the business generated by the customers. When customer interests are noted by the AI chatbots, it becomes easy for the company to update and reach the right set of clients for business purposes.  The company updates the information in the form of FAQ webpages, product information, and company services features are added in the AI Chatbot system, which helps to solve more issues in less time.

Which types of Chatbots in AI are good for your business?

Let us understand the different types of chatbots and how they can improve your business.

  • Menu/button-based chatbots
  • Linguistic Based (Rule-Based Chatbots)
  • Keyword recognition-based chatbots
  • Machine Learning chatbots
  • The hybrid model
  • Voice bots 

1. Menu/button-Based Chatbots

Menu/button-based chatbots are widely used in the market today. The features involve the deep interaction of the user as the chatbot digs deeper into the questions or options that the user has to choose. These chatbots do provide satisfactory results in providing many FAQ information, but the area of exploration is limited so the process becomes a little slow.

2. Linguistic Based (Rule-Based Chatbots)

A language or rule-based chatbot has a pre-defined list of questions. An automated conversational flow is created with the if-and-then logic-based program. A linguistic-based chatbot detects the answer in no time as it reads the specific question and in seconds the query is attended to. The query must just match with the predefined program.
These chatbots require a lot of precision and specification so the process of developing a linguistic-based chatbot is a little lengthier.
A linguistic chatbot model is commonly used and is known for its quick responding program.

3. Keyword Recognition-Based Chatbots

The keyword recognition-based chatbots properly check what the user is typing it reads the keywords and answers precisely. The AI application and the predefined keywords are the sources of action in these chatbots. The AI chatbots apply the natural language Processing NLP technique to respond to the user.

4. Machine Learning Chatbots

Contextual chatbots are very advanced AI chatbots that apply Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) techniques to memorize the particular client's questions and inquiry details. Contextual chatbots are set learning applications that grow with the client's responses and relative information gathered by the system about the client's area of interest in the business.
For example, a contextual chat box would suggest or give the user options on related subjects such as which product would the user would like to order or if the user is interested in repeating the order. The user's information like name, address, common order, or data history is saved to generate future business relationships.

5. The Hybrid Model

The hybrid model chatbots are the combination of simple chatbots with the advancement of the complex features of the AI-based chatbot, which gives many businesses options to gather better and quicker client information. It also generates good business with a wide range of client data. Many industries prefer the hybrid AI chatbot system.

Which are the best AI Chatbots?

The list of the best AI chatbots:

1. Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is a tool that builds engaging communication with clients and generates business leads. It detects the visitor on the website and initiates communication.


Codeless Bot: Zoho SalesIQ is a codeless bot, the interface allows you to create a bot with a drag-and-drop option.
Voice Calling: Allows the users to video call and interact with the system and discuss queries through the chat window. It also offers an option for screen sharing.
Mobile app notification: Sales IQ gives you quick notifications on your phone whenever you have a live chat, inquiry, or visitor. It makes sure to have an engaging interaction with the user and retarget the audience with the notification feature.

2. Tidio Chat: 

Tidio Chat is a communication tool that operates very smoothly. It immediately engages with the users and provides potential information. It is an automated chatbot that connects effortlessly to other applications like WordPress, Wix, MailChimp, and Google Analytics for better user engagement and clear communication.


It responds to the client's interest and increases your sales.
Easily applicable on your website.
It offers customization.
It allows you to stay connected through the mobile phone to communicate with the clients.

3. Survey Sparrow:

Survey Sparrow is a chatbot tool that generates an exact copy of real-life conversations through a website.


You can analyze the data.
The chatbot can be embedded into your website to extract the user's data and feedback.
The Chatbot can be embedded in all important landing pages of your website.
The chatbot can manage the client details and also collect the payment with security.


AI has prominently helped build business relations with the client. AI tactfully gathers all the collective important data and details about the clients which helps the business to track down the interested client according to the requirement. Thus allowing businesses to expand and reach the right customer.
The AI makes the user experience very smooth and remarkable by providing quick responses and smart business solutions or product options.
76% of the market study have analyzed that more than an efficient client approach the business growth is dependable on the user experience. The user when is satisfied with the quick results.
AI chatbots have successfully shown great achievements by engaging in precise conversations with the client, which has generated more business leads.
It is the call of time to provide smooth solutions to the customer's questions. There are categories of clients who prefer traditional phone call solutions, AI chatbots do support that feature so, overall, clients from all age groups and experiences are appreciating the AI chatbots with broad smiles.

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