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Power BI Developer Resume: Tips and Tricks

24 Nov 2022

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A good resume is not just specifying and highlighting your technical skills and expertise; A recruiter should be able to know your personality as an individual. Impress the recruiter by being yourself. 
In this article, you will learn various tips and tricks on how a resume of a Power BI Developer should be.

Tips for Building a Resume

  • Every individual is unique and has a different personality; by building an appealing resume, you can enhance the overall character of a Power BI Developer. Just follow the tips mentioned below:
  • Use high-quality technical and scientific documentation software, such as LaTeX, for creating a resume.
  • Always use professional fonts like Cambria, Garamond, Times New Roman, Didot,  Arial, Verdana, or Calibri.
  • Use a professional email with your name that is easy to remember. 
  • Make use of a single font style for your document.
  • Mention the projects, certifications, and work experience associated with the job posting.
  • Portray your experience and skills to precise wording. Your resume must showcase your expertise and knowledge with experience.
  • Keep your resume limited to one or two pages, do not extend it to multiple pages.
  • Do recheck and a good proofread your resume and make sure there are no spelling and grammar errors.
  • Research and get a professional resume template from reliable online services like a resume-building website, a software company, or LinkedIn.

To apply for various Power BI job options, let us build a resume keeping all the points mentioned above in mind.

Name and Personal Details

Specify your details at the top of your resume. Specify your email and phone number; there is no need to mention the complete address. You can only say the city name of the state you reside from.


Rank your educational achievements from the recent acknowledgment received to the prior achievements. Mention your school and college name and location, along with your graduation year.


Many companies use artificial intelligence to select the resumes of suitable candidates for particular jobs. A good summary with the point specification of the skill sets and the right keywords can help you to get shortlisted in the required job field. 

If you are an experienced BI developer with 3-4 years of experience, You have good exposure to Tableau, Power BI, and various dashboards. It helps you build a polished resume. Whereas if you are a fresher, have recently passed out from college, and are immediately seeking a job opportunity. This information will guide you get the desired job profile. So follow the following points and get a prominent resume-building idea.

A summary should be at most five sentences and mention the areas of interest and hobbies that relate well to the job profile. Essential information like watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with friends is irrelevant, and one must avoid using such information. You must emphasize mentioning hobbies that helped you grow as a person.

Power BI Developer Resume Guide for Freshers

A fresher will not have work experience, but he can mention the projects he has successfully worked on during the internship. The detailing of the project will reflect your understanding of the project. Do mention your career objectives and goals so the recruiter will understand your approach and future aspects.

Follow the mentioned career objectives from where you can get help and make a strong resume:

  • I was looking for a compelling role to fully use my skills and training while contributing to the company's growth.
  • We look forward to an entry-level job in business intelligence in a professional environment.
  • I seek a viable career opportunity in a well-known organization where I can work with professional enthusiasts and learn and grow to my full potential with the company.

Power BI Developer Resume Guide for 2-5 years of Experience

Are you an experienced professional? The critical aspect of the resume is your experience and how you have mentioned it. Companies generally prefer to select resumes based on an applicant`s work experience, specifying the job profile, roles, and responsibilities. The number of years is not preferable information.

You might know the business analyst,  data scientist, or Power BI professional field for a long time. Still, if you are very productive in business intelligence, you may get rejected for the interview.
Firstly mention your company name, job title, and duration at the company.
Below, say the roles you performed and the positive changes you have made for the company's benefit.
This is how you must showcase your work experience in your resume.

Power BI Analyst—ABC Company (February 2020–September 2022)
  • Actively created interactive  Power BI reports with the use of advanced DAX features
  • Used Power BI to join hands with different users and shareholders to work on live data sources
  • Successfully performed data analysis and generated insights as per business requirements
  • Created Power BI apps and connected them with live data models for real-time analysis
  • Do not forget to add the skills in your resume for the job profile of a Power BI developer

What Skills are Essential to Mention in the Power BI Developer Resume?

Here are many technologies and software involved in the business intelligence field. It is a diverse field with many challenging job roles.
You must add the following skill set to your resume to add more value as an analyst. I'd like to mention my experience in the Business Intelligence tools like Power BI, Tableau, and QlikSense

  • Good work exposure in Excel, SSAS, DAX, SQL Server, etc.
  • Comfortable with HTML, CSS, Angular.JS, Python, R, and other scripting languages.
  • Have sound hands-on database management systems, data modeling, data warehousing, data visualization, business intelligence, OLAP(Online Analytical Processing), etc.
  • Expert-level knowledge in Microsoft BI Stack.
  • Knowledge of various software development tools and documentation.


Power BI professionals are in high demand as the business intelligence industry highly appreciates the Power BI tools and experts. The tips and information specified in this blog will prove very helpful to you. We will come back will more technical and informative articles on Power BI. Stay connected and Happy Reading.

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