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Tools Used By Business Analysts

14 Mar 2023

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Suppose you are a strategic enthusiast striving for a successful business analytics career and are determined to achieve your career goals. This article will guide you on enhancing your skill sets and upskilling if you want career growth or a switch. Know all about business analysis and essential tools business analysts use. This article will help you understand the cores of business analysis. 

Let us begin by understanding, what exactly is a business analysis:

What is Business Analysis?

Business analysis is an eminent section of any industry that is thriving towards recognizing business insights and proposing solutions that abide by advanced technology. Business analysis helps companies to beat the forthcoming contradictions. Business analysis is a challenging process that includes defining new business levels and improving quality and policy development processes. Business analysts carry out these tasks smoothly and efficiently. Any company with a business analyst will observe the positive results in business growth, adding more value to the organization by increasing the return on investment.

Also, business analysis can improvise the managerial control process, define advanced business structure processes, envision future problems, and spot the company's status. Now let us know how the business analyst complies with the action plan. How are all the tasks performed, and what skills are required to handle the various business analytics tools?

To make it easy to understand further details about business analytic tools. Make sure you know well what are business analytical tools.

What are Business Analytics Tools?

The business analytics tools comprise many application software that lures and uses qualitative and quantitative data sets from various business systems. Many industries include tools that cover statistical functions, data mining tools, and data modeling tools to derive the best business solutions. The critical insights derived with the help of analytic tools improve the company's efficiency, productivity, and organizational growth.

Have a glance at the top analytical tools used by most companies. The top 5 business analytics tools are:

Top 5 Tools Used by Business Analysts

To carry out responsibilities effectively, business analysts rely on a range of tools that enable them to gather, manage, and analyze large amounts of data. Here, we will explore the top 5 tools used by business analysts, their features, and how they can help business analysts to deliver value to their organizations. Whether you're a business analyst or aspiring to become one, we will provide you with insights into the most essential tools that you should have in your arsenal.


Tableau is the most preferred business analytic software by many companies. It is the most exquisite tool with high-powered and advanced proficiency in analyzing unstructured data. Tableau is an advanced business analytics platform consisting of solid structured statistical tools designed to perform a high-level analysis of social media platforms and detect prospective patterns based on present data sets.

Power BI:

Power BI is the most dependable business analyst tool. It performs a series of dynamic functions that are highly effective. It is an independent tool that handles complex tasks like data cleaning and deriving meaningful insights. It offers power-packed visualizations with self-help business analytics features, including creating actionable dashboards and report generation without support and intervention.


Qlikview is the fastest-developing business analytic tool, in high demand for its exclusive features. It offers evident technology with core memory processing features. It develops super actionable business analytics reports allowing users to visualize the data in variations using particular colors for related data. It automatically maintains the data correlation.

SAS Business Analytics:

The best text analytics functionalities of SAS-oriented business analytics software allow the user to convert unstructured and unorganized data into meaningful information that the business analyst can retain for further business insights. SAS is a complete statistical tool that deals with massive real-time data, simplified for analysis. SAS is efficient in predicting future trends from existing data sets.


MS Excel is a popular tool used worldwide as the favorite business analytics tool that offers various options like spreadsheet sharing and gives real-time support and synergy with constant upgrades. All industries in the business sector widely implement excel tools for generating meaningful insights. Excel statistics requires a snapshot of your spreadsheet; you can add premium photographs and backgrounds to your documents to add better and clear visualization reports.

How to Kick start your Career as Business Analyst?

Are you willing to give a kick start to your career as a business analyst? The best way to accelerate your job is to upskill or acquire the right set of skills. Approach the best educational institute or seek flexible online learning of certified courses like data science and business intelligence, data science pro program, or data science masters. It will help you gain the right skills with real-time industry project exposure. It will open better options to choose the industry you want to utilize your caliber. Many successful companies, like Wipro, IBM, TCS, etc., hire talents and professionals from business analytics. It has a broad scope in every sector of the industry. 

Business Analyst Salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.5 Lakhs to ₹ 15.8 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 7.0 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 67.5k latest salaries received from Business Analysts.

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In conclusion, the role of a business analyst is critical in any organization, and having the right tools can make all the difference. With the rapid evolution of technology, there are numerous tools available to business analysts that can help them collect, analyze, and communicate data more efficiently. Each tool has its own unique capabilities that can simplify the business analysis process. However, it is crucial to remember that tools alone cannot replace the expertise and experience of a skilled business analyst. Therefore, it is important to invest in both the right tools and the right people to ensure that the organization reaps the benefits of effective business analysis.

It's the call of time, and many industries have realized how technological advancements have derived enormous business profits and developed the business structure for the betterment. Today any talent is welcomed as it can generate business with the entry of data science and business analytics into the business market. There is broad scope for talented and skillful professionals. With the proper skill set, you can make a comfortable place for yourself and accelerate your career track with impressive speed.

There are great organizations that give you an extensive option palate to choose your interest in the business analytics field like healthcare, entertainment, agriculture, research sectors, educational sectors, etc. You can select any desired area among the open-source and commercial business analytics tools and solutions to make the best career-related decisions.

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