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Video Marketing in Digital Marketing: A Step-by-step Guide

16 Oct 2023

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Let me ask you a question. As an audience, when given the option to educate yourself on a certain topic, what you prefer to watch a 10-minute video or read on it for 15 minutes? I bet you'll select the first option. Do you know the reason behind it? Because videos make the topic interesting and engaging. With voices and animation or pictures, our mind finds it fun to watch videos and listen to things instead of simply reading them. This observation gave birth to video marketing. 

Marketers started to realize the benefits of this concept and came up with various video marketing strategies. In this guide, we'll begin with little basics by understanding the concept and then proceed to dive deep into this marketing element. 

What Is Video Marketing?

The concept of video marketing is implementing a video format of content in your digital marketing strategy to create awareness about a brand, product, service, etc. Video marketing has proved to be an engaging and attention-grabbing way for the audience. 

How Video Marketing Works?

Video marketing is a vibrant strategy that leverages the concept of storytelling to make the content engaging for the audience. Visual and audio elements in the videos have the power to hold consumer's attention. There are various platforms for the strategy like Instagram, YouTube, etc. 

As audiences are more inclined to consume this form of content, search engine algorithms of multiple platforms are supporting this form of content and thus pushing it more. The rise in video marketing is also due to the rise in cognitive AI  and virtual reality, offering an exceptional experience to the audience. 

The Importance of Video Marketing Today

There are multiple benefits of video marketing for a brand and thus we'll proceed to see the importance of video marketing in the current and for many years. 

The best way to educate consumers 

When a brand is launching a new product in the market and if it is of a new concept, video marketing can help the marketers. Generally, consumers are reluctant to buy new products, especially if they don't have any idea how they'll be used. By video marketing, brands can easily make consumers understand how one can utilize the product for their benefit. 

Better ROI 

Video marketing has a good and better return on investment done on marketing of brands/products/services. Adding video content on the landing page will lead to more clicks and conversions. Also, not to forget, the technology of artificial intelligence has made editing, making, and planning such marketing concepts way easier. 

Easy repurposing of content 

We all know how important it is for brands to stay active on multiple platforms to reach their target audience. Video content helps in reporting the same content in different formats. Suppose, you as a brand uploaded a long video on YouTube. Now, you can collect clips from this long video and use them to upload on Instagram reels, stories, etc. In this way, you won't have a lack of content for your social media platforms. 

Now that you know so much about video marketing, why not see some video marketing strategies? 

Video Marketing Strategies

Just like different forms of content, video format also requires a pre-planned strategy for marketing efforts to provide expected returns on investment. Let's see five steps in which a brand can easily prepare a video marketing strategy.

Prepare A Buyer Persona 

Creating a buyer persona will not do much work if you're already an established brand. Now, to buyer persona, in simple words is selecting a target audience. It includes every relevant minute detail like gender, age, occupation, residence location, likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. 

Create an Outline Of the Plan

It is beneficial to understand the platform of video marketing and pre-decide everything. Like, as the frequency of the post, your availability to create content, plans, ideas for videos, etc. At this step, you can also start diversifying the nature of videos educational, informational, funny, engaging, etc. 

Divide Your Plans Into Sections 

Creating video content is no joke. There are multiple sections involved in it like researching and finalizing topics, writing scripts, shooting, editing, uploading, analyzing, promoting, etc. Divide these tasks and allot a specific deadline for the timely completion of work. 

Keeping Check On Metrics 

Under video marketing, there are multiple metrics like watch time, replays, likes, shares, comments, CTR, etc. Try to keep watch on these metrics to understand what's working and what's not working in your strategy. 

Types of Video Used in Marketing

The audience can identify all of the videos as the same. But, marketers often term them differently. Multiple types of videos can be created and uploaded keeping in mind the nature and requirements of the brand. Let's see some of them: 

  • Live videos: Livestreaming of videos needs no introduction in today's world. We all have seen influencers, actors, and celebrities coming live once in a while to stay in touch with the audience. 
  • How-to videos: These types of videos are often created by brands when there's a need to explain audience about workings of a product. 
  • Educational Videos: Educational videos as fun and engaging and often have content addressing educational queries with a touch of CTA to push the audience to take action. 
  • Customer testimonials: These are the videos that show past consumers and their feedback about the company's product/ service. Such videos are used to attract and convince new consumers.

Let's make this blog more interesting by seeing examples of brands that have incorporated video marketing strategies successfully.

Examples of Succesful Video Marketing Campaigns

There are so many examples of video marketing that the list won't end soon. Let's just see a few of the best examples: 

  • Cadbury dairy milk ad: The brand related to eating sweet chocolate every time good news is heard. The jingle for the same, " kuchacha ho jaye, kuchmeetha ho jaye" got liked by the audience. 
  • Amul video ad: The brand Amul has always been one step ahead in marketing. The video marketing ad, "Har gharAmul", made an impact in the market signifying the brand is loved by every Indian household. 
  • Vodafone campaign: The viral Vodafone video ad with animated characters and Zoozoo's voice was taken as humourous by the audience and its tune got stuck in consumer's minds, making it popular. 

These campaigns used various elements like emotional, sensitive, and humorous in the video to make it quirky and memorable. 

Video Marketing and SEO

All those professionals worrying about how video marketing will contribute to the brand's SEO, we've got you covered. Let's continue to see how video marketing uplifts your SEO efforts. 

Helps in Backlinking 

Video sharing habit of people is very common. When they tend to see anything good, funny, witty, or informational, they share it with their knowns. This shareable feature helps in earning more backlinks for a brand. And, backlinking is an essential element of On-page SEO. Therefore, by creating valuable and engaging videos, you can increase your SEO results. 

Helps in improving user experience

More the time the audience spends on your website/ landing page, the more beneficial it is for your SEO. And, opposite to that, the bounce rate, when higher, creates a negative effect on the metrics and ultimately on the algorithm. Now, in the case of video marketing, the target audience not only spends time on your content but also encourages others to consume your content, helping to improve user experience. 

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Increases quality content 

Google's algorithm supports and encourages content that is of quality and valuable for the audience. And, video format helps provide an engaging shape to textual data that is liked by the audience. So video marketing helps increase the depth of your SEO efforts. 

 You might have listened to a very famous line - every coin has two sides. Well, it is true. Video marketing, without a doubt, is very beneficial to the brand. But, with these benefits come challenges.

The Challenges of Video Marketing

Along with tons of benefits, this popular concept of marketing faces multiple challenges. The first one on the list is a pool of content in the world. With so much competition, brands are now required to think something out of the box every time they want to create content. 

Next is a lack of time and resources. Marketers are already burdened with multiple responsibilities in their daily lives. Due to this, they face a lack of time to create and short valuable content for video marketing. 

Another major challenge is lack of consistency which is due to the challenge of lack of time. Now, to grow in the world of content, one thing that is required is the quantity of content that the brand uploads. Now, this quantity is not so high as marketers face the problem of lack of time to generate quality videos.

All in all, successful video marketing requires a well-planned strategy that aligns with organizational goals. Without it, it won't be possible to conquer the world of videos. 


Now let's answer some frequently asked questions regarding video marketing. 

Q1. Why is video marketing more effective than other concepts?

In a world where there is content everywhere, the form of content that holds the power to stop an audience is video. Through graphs and audio, we can make any topic good and interesting with video marketing. 

Q2. What is the ideal length of video in video marketing? 

There are multiple platforms of video marketing strategy and thus the time duration depends. For Instagram and TikTok, the videos are of short duration between 10-30 seconds. Whereas on YouTube, one can go with 30 minutes of videos. 

Q3. What mistakes should be avoided in video marketing?

The ultimate aim of video marketing is to promote the brand's product and service and not entertain the audience. Make sure to include CTA in the video, create a video for the target audience, and analyze the performance in a sufficient time gap. 

Q4. What's an important element in a video?

There are multiple essential elements in a video like audio, visuals, concept, etc. But, the most important one is storytelling. To grab the audience's attention, the writer creates a script of video with the art of storytelling. 

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