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What Does a BI Developer Do: Roles, Responsibilities, Salaries, and Skills Required

24 Nov 2022

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This is an interesting article that will focus on the most crucial aspect of data analysis, data visualization, data mining, and data tools. When all these factors are combined and help the management system to expand and increase the business growth tactfully, this feature makes business intelligence a strong component that thrives to make purposeful data-driven business decisions. 

Business Intelligence is a combination of various data analytics applications, technologies, and processes that extract data-driven decisions for the betterment of the company. Learn all about BI developer and the roles and responsibilities of a BI, how it affects business growth, and why it is the most important job role in the modern world today. Let us explore the BI world.

Who is a BI Developer?

BI developers are the technical and software experts that use technology and applications that help to develop business insights. The BI experts constantly do the company data research, with the use of technology and BI tools. The main aim is to develop business solutions for complex data-driven problems. The applications are developed and updated according to the business requirement and data-oriented decisions are independently taken for growth and better business prospects. Data research is an important facet applied by the BI developer. Right data research leads to the right business decisions. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of a BI developer?

BI developer job roles and responsibilities are all dependent on which area of business needs attention and development. There are several areas where BI developers can access and amend the development process. Being a BI developer is a multi-facet job role. At first, a BI developer must develop, manage and deploy a strong BI interface, which is built by the use of various BI tools. BI developer has to participate in various industry-based complex data problems and help to orient quick and intelligent data solutions.

BI developers have huge knowledge about the various business tools and applications which they smartly imply the data models and techniques depending on the business requirement. The exposure and experience to using multiple business tools make them experts that can smartly handle complex business situations.

Following are some of the job roles a BI developer actively handles,
  • Authorize the business requirements for BI tools 
  • Processing those requirements into technical ones, 
  • Report organizing and data modeling
  • Participation in data stock design 
  • Creation of technical documentation for BI tools 
  • Documentation of data stock store and meta-data storage contents.
  • Deploy, manage and develop a strong BI interface. 

What is the  BI Developer Job Description?

A BI developer is hired for his intelligent smart ability to resolve tedious business situations. They are engineers that develop and maintain the BI data. BI developers should be actively observant with a strong ability to manage the team with great communication skills.

Here are some of the job responsibilities you can notice in a BI developer.
  • Business intelligence interface design, development, and maintenance 
  • Best use of reports and visuals to present information 
  • Technically specify the complex business requirements
  • Create, develop, and implement BI solutions. 
  • Stay updated and assist with data analytics platforms 
  • Make business tools for data storage 
  • Test and troubleshoot the technical issues 
  • Analyze and update current BI systems 
  • Strong teamwork ability to integrate the system 
  • Create, study, and analyze database queries 
  • Generate visual reports for the project
  • Creating, managing, and maintaining technical documentation 

Let us now highlight the Business Intelligence Developer Skills

What are the Business Intelligence Developer Skills?

A professional BI developer must possess not only technical skills but also soft skills, it will enhance their problem-solving ability and add sharp work experience. Some of the essential BI development skills a developer must be able to ride on are mentioned below, it will give a developer specialized and professional experience. A BI developer must be quick to provide or update the existing BI solutions. The developer should be well-versed in the programming language Python, Scripting languages, and data visualization. ETL/ELT procedures, data architecture, and data formatting are additional areas a developer must be comfortable working in. A BI developer must have a solid foundation in technology when it comes to databases or data models and SQL.

However, the knowledge must not be limited to PHP, Javascript, etc. A strong understanding of data analysis is expected to shine on the resume as it will help in data warehouse design and data modeling. Along with technical expertise, soft skills are equally essential. Smooth communication with the team, ability to perform along with the team, detect problems, and come up with smart and quick solutions, multi-tasking ability to handle both the technical and documentation department well.

BI Developer's Career Outlook

The continuous need to detect problems, rectify them and propose smart solutions with rapid speed are some of the key points a company would like to find in a professional BI developer. The requirement for a BI developer is always at a high rate in every industry and business field. Many industries like software companies, the financial sector, manufacturing or development sector. This digital age has opened many opportunities for professionals to expand their vision and provide intelligent business solutions.

BI experts are in high demand in all sectors so job opportunities are bright and the future holds outshining career paths. The smart technical and soft skills enhance the developers personal and professional growth making him more efficient and confident to face various challenges in work life. The prospects in the BI field are high. The high demand for BI expert talent and the skills they handle helps them to maintain a good work-life balance. To provide efficient service a BI developer is allowed to provide work services from home or his comfort zone, which will help him provide better business solutions.

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What is a BI Developer's Salary?

The average yearly income for a business intelligence developer in India is 6.2 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 3.5 lakhs to 15.5 lakhs. The estimates were arrived at by analyzing 584 salaries provided by business intelligence developers. 

What are BI Developer Tools?

BI developer tools have access to huge data, a collective data from past, present, and future is processed. This ample data is structured, analyzed, and converted into insightful information which proves beneficial for the company. BI technology generates advanced project reports and business insights and intelligent business solutions are designed. The BI tools provide smart solutions, independent decision-making authority, automated reporting, and predictive analysis, and make the process of data analysis simple and reliable. These business intelligence platforms include the best features such as data visualization, visual analytics, interactive dashboarding, and KPI scorecards. 


There is a huge demand for BI developers in all industry sectors. The demand is so high that several job openings and opportunities are open in the market. A developer has multiple choices as to which department he wants to explore his talent and technicalities.

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