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What Is Machine Learning? Applications Of Machine Learning

04 Apr 2023

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Today's technology has made Machine learning a buzzword, and it is developing very quickly. Without realizing it, we use Machine learning every day in applications like Google Maps, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. In the blog, we'll see various practical applications of machine learning in every detail. But before jumping to that, let's take a quick overview of what machine learning is. 

What Is Machine Learning?   

A collection of methods and resources that enable computers to learn and adapt on their own are collectively referred to as "machine learning." AI can learn with the aid of machine learning algorithms without having to be expressly designed to do so. The machine learning algorithm anticipates and executes tasks purely based on the learned pattern and not a predetermined program command by learning a pattern from sample inputs. It will apply the knowledge it has learned by studying prior patterns to the new process. 

There are different types of machine learning and based on that, there are various different machine learning use cases, which we will now see. 

Machine Learning Use Cases 

Machine Learning In Voice Assistant    

We have a variety of virtual personal assistants, including Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant. They assist us in discovering what we want using our voice commands, as the name suggests. Our voice commands to these assistants, such as "Play music," "Call someone," "Open an email," and "Schedule an appointment," among others, can support us in a variety of ways.

Machine learning algorithms are a key component of these virtual assistants. These assistants capture our voice commands, transmit them via a cloud server, decode them using ML algorithms, and then respond as necessary.

Machine Learning In Personalized Marketing 

As the digital world is taking positive steps with each passing day, businesses need to do more than just promote their brand. Marketers are required to feel customers are essential and provide them with the experience of personalized marketing. And everyone knows personalized marketing is no piece of cake, but thankfully technology is here to ease up the work of marketers and create a great personalized marketing experience for the customers. 

In personalized marketing, machine learning (ML) is employed to determine the kinds of content, key phrases, and phrases that appeal to your target audience. You can produce appropriate articles or infographics once you have ascertained what is important to them. Also, the Machine will eventually figure out what information works best for achieving specific objectives. This process lessens the burden on marketers. This pretty much sums up how machine learning works, let’s see how the next use cases of machine learning. 

Machine Learning Aids in Fraud Detection 

Nowadays, the majority of people use an online mode of payment to transfer and receive money. Unlike in the old days, big business deals in online transactions making payments in lakhs. This increases the risk of fraudulent transactions taking place. The mode of payment is also increasing; we have options like GPay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.

Fraudulent people are smart and take every possible action to avoid getting caught. The machine learning algorithm identifies the patterns in data. Any minor change in that data is thus a cause of concern, which is identified by machine learning algorithms and models. These can help you in preventing credit card theft, email spam, etc. 

Machine Learning Behind Self-Driving Cars 

One of the greatest news of all time for all of us was the introduction of self-driving cars. The concept took everyone by surprise. But have you ever wondered how the concept is so accurate and successful? 

Well, the technology of self-driving cars uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm. Algorithms and models of this technology make use of cameras and sensors to identify the surroundings and spot the objects, and then the instruction is provided to the machines. Self-driving cars have various numbers of reliable cameras and sensors to let the machines and algorithms make the correct decision. 

Machine Learning in transport optimization   

The transportation sector and transportation engineering both benefit greatly from machine learning. Nowadays, the majority of vehicles have navigation systems. Where one can drive to a place with voice aid and accuracy. AI and data analytics make it possible to track vehicles in real-time. Drone taxi is a popular method used by e-commerce businesses to deliver packages to customers. These taxis cut down on costs, carbon emissions, and journey time.

By alerting the driver and passengers about the car's speed, seatbelt use, breakdown in the vehicle, part failure, etc., ML assists with navigation, parking assistance, and ensuring the safety of the passengers and driver.

Machine Learning in predicting behavior 

Several "AI-based" sales firms most frequently use online data mining to find their future customers. They determine who is looking for a particular good or service by looking at what people are discussing on social media.

Here is how the theory works: Because we couldn't track and analyze every factor that affected our decision-making in the past, people's conduct was typically regarded as unpredictable. Now that we have highly developed computer systems, deep learning, and the capacity to store enormous amounts of data, we can start to analyze that data to uncover patterns in how people behave.

Machine learning in Healthcare 

Not one or two applications of machine learning have changed the healthcare sector in hundred different good ways. First, the algorithms help in managing the huge data sets in the healthcare industry by removing duplicate data. This helps Machine learning in storing and collecting data. 

Apart from this, machine learning helps in diagnosis via MRI scans. The algorithms of AI and ML have made reading MRI a much simple step now. You might also have heard about the Machine learning-based wearables available in the market, like Fitbit and Apple. These devices monitor the generic readings of humans and help in the early detection of any possible diseases. 

Machine Learning Helping In Automation 

Most professionals today strive to complete jobs more quickly than ever before. This change has been motivated by a renewed emphasis on effectiveness and proactive behavior. Machine learning can be an excellent ally in the fight for the digitization of manufacturing because it was created to operate with computers. 

Teams are using technology to automate many different activities. Global industrial companies try to increase the efficiency of their facilities in general. When employees are freed up to work on other projects, this occurs.

Machine Learning Behind Chatbots 

Almost all of us have interacted with chatbots that are installed on almost every website. These chatbots help marketers in providing quick customer service that satisfies the consumer's needs. These chatbots are created with the help of machine learning algorithms and are trained to provide a human-like experience.

The algorithms gather insights from the huge set of data and improve the performance of the chatbot to answer the consumer's queries. Due to this discovery, the consumer can get an answer to their questions irrespective of any period. This also helped the companies and avoided the employment of human agents 24/7. 

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Machine Learning & Physical Security 

Smart cities strive to become more effective and responsive in terms of security through the integration of vital technology systems, such as real-time data gathered by sensors and cameras and open, transparent, and accessible data platforms. An AI technique that is widely employed in the field of physical security is facial recognition. To watch for people, several businesses use facial recognition technologies.

Machine learning is frequently utilized in the physical security sector to differentiate between regular and questionable activity. So, when used in risky situations, machine learning technology can broaden the extent of surveillance areas, improve effectiveness, and even save lives.

Machine Learning For Language Translation 

Artificial intelligence is used in machine translation to translate words from one language to another without the assistance of a human translator. The whole meaning of the text in the original language is communicated in the target language using modern machine translation, which goes beyond mere word-to-word translation. Certain machine translation techniques can quickly and accurately process thousands of user-generated comments. 

Businesses translate enormous amounts of content uploaded on websites and social media every day so that analytics may be performed on it. They can, for instance, automatically translate and evaluate foreign customer reviews.

Sentiment Analysis With Machine Learning 

A machine learning technology called sentiment analysis examines texts ranging from positive to negative. Machine learning technologies can instantly learn how to recognize emotion without human input by being trained with samples of emotions in text. Simply said, machine learning enables computers to pick up new skills without being specifically programmed to do so. Sentiment analysis models can be taught to read beyond simple definitions and comprehend things like context, sarcasm, and incorrect word usage.

Consider using machine learning to handle customer support tickets, classify them according to their urgency, and then route them automatically to the appropriate division or individual. Or to assess the tone of thousands of customer reviews and posts on social media. 


Popular machine learning software and technology are developing quickly, and we are thrilled about the future applications that our AI will enable. Organizations today want individuals with in-depth knowledge of these developing technologies as well as practical experience due to the rise in the need for AI and machine learning.

Keeping this demand in mind, individuals can think about starting their careers in the field. To gain complete knowledge of the field and learn this in-demand skill, one can think to get enrolled in the best Data Science And Artificial Intelligence course that comes with certification from prestigious universities like IIT Guwahati. Make the right choice today. 

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