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What is Machine Learning? What Are The Different Types Of Machine Learning?

30 Mar 2023

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Whether or not you're into the tech field, chances are high that concepts like machine learning are not so new to you. In this changing and growing technical words, everyone either knows or is already using concepts of machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, and so on. In this blog, we'll see what machine learning is all about and how it works. 

What Is Machine Learning, Exactly?   

Machine learning is a subset of a broader term, i.e., Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is responsible for mimicking the human brain and how it works in a machine to improve its efficiency. So machine learning uses a bunch of algorithms to use and learn from historical data and predict better outputs. 

The working of machine learning cannot be understood by seeing its definition. It is important to understand different elements like the importance of machine learning, how, does machine learning works, components of machine learning, etc. We're going to cover these elements in the blog. 

Let's start by seeing how does machine learning work?

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How Does Machine Learning Work?

In simple words, the working of machine learning is very much similar to how humans work. A human brain learns new things, observes them, and utilizes input. Similarly, machine learning depends on input data or training data. After receiving the training data, the algorithms focus on finding insights and identifying the patterns and trends in the data. The most important role of machine learning is that the machines can learn and gain insights on their own without any human intervention.

The concept of machine learning is proven to be beneficial as it scales up the work with speed and saves time and resources of the human. 
Do you know different types of machine learning are suitable for different models and algorithms? Let's explore this topic too. 

What Are The Different Types Of Machine Learning?    

Different methods or different types of machine learning are divided into four elements. These methods are created based on different types of input data. Let's see the different components of machine learning.

Supervised Machine Learning 

With the name, one can guess supervised machine learning uses labeled input data to train the algorithms. Labeled data will have correct output values tagged to help the algorithm learn from the data. So, the data basically taught the machines, like a student, to identify the patterns and trends. 

Let's take an easy example to understand the concept. Suppose we feed the machine with images of different animals and birds. Along with that, they're taught to differentiate between them based on body structure, traits like tails, etc. After the training, we'll provide the algorithm with a picture of a bird, and due to well-trained data, i.e., historical data, the machine learning algorithm will be able to identify the image. 

The real-time application of supervised machine learning is face detection, fraud identification, spam filtering, and much more. And various algorithms used in supervised machine learning are classification, regression, decision trees, support vector machines, etc. 

Let's see the next type of machine learning. 

Unsupervised Machine Learning 

Unsupervised machine learning is quite the opposite of supervised machine learning. In this method, models are trained with unlabeled data, so they're required to find the insights, hidden trends, and patterns on their own. This type of learning can be related to the human brain when introduced to new things. 

Let's take the same example again. We'll feed the data with pictures of animals and birds, and with its understanding, the model will differentiate the images on its own. The model can also segregate the images into different groups. Unsupervised machine learning is used in marketing for targeting purposes, data visualization, data preparation, and much more. Different algorithms involve K-means clustering, KNN, neural networks, etc. 

The third type of machine learning is Semi-supervised machine learning. 

Semi-Supervised Machine Learning 

This machine learning method is basically a mixture of supervised and unsupervised machine learning. It neglects the disadvantages of both methods. Labeled data is not easily available to organizations, and thus it is difficult to train the models with the supervised machine learning method. 

The semi-supervised machine learning method uses a small amount of labeled data and a huge amount of unlabeled data, thus utilizing the benefits of both methods. The method is used in a variety of search engines and also for image and audio analysis. 

Let's see the last type of reinforcement learning.

Reinforcement Learning 

In reinforcement learning, the model uses the award-based system. For every right action, the model rewards the algorithm, and in case of the wrong action, the model punishes the algorithm. The model learns the right action without any need for labeled data. 

The reinforcement machine learning method is applicable in robotics and game development. It basically uses the method of the hit & trial process.  These were the four different types of machine learning methods. With this, let's see the importance of machine learning. 

Why Is Machine Learning Important?       

  • Helping In Automation 

There was a time when every single task was performed by a human. But, as time changes, machines are taking over certain tasks that will help humans to increase their efficiency. Similarly, AutoMl is the concept that helps in the automation of many time-taking and tedious tasks. 

The concept of machine learning is widely applicable in self-driving cars, robotics, and much more, which we will see in the later part of this blog. 

  • Helps In Increasing The Business Growth 

Machine learning has a huge role in framing strategies for the marketing process. The algorithms of machine learning help marketers identify future trends and events at an early stage and find new and relevant opportunities for the business. 

  • Helpful For Government Agencies 

The algorithms and models of machine learning are helpful for the government as it helps them to collect the taxes that are due more accurately. Not only this, but the concept of machine learning also helps in planning and organizing all the social welfare programs of the government. 

  • Machine learning keeps on updating

Technology doesn't remain the same always. It keeps on changing. With robotics and automation being on trend, machine learning models and algorithms are constantly changing to keep up with the trend. 

  • Machine Learning Is High In-Demand 

Without a doubt, machine learning is one of the most highly demanded-career fields in the world of technology. The field of machine learning is developing. Over time, there has been a sharp increase in the need for machine learning programmers and engineers. The majority of the largest software companies are looking for experts in machine learning who can use their knowledge to boost business performance. 

This pretty much sums up why there's a need for machine learning and why the concept of machine learning is so important. Now, let's come to our next topic, which is the main uses of machine learning. 

Main Uses Of Machine Learning    

People like you and me are using machine learning in our day-to-day life without us realizing it. Let's see some of the top applications of machine learning. 

  • Speech Recognition 

There are different ways to generate a query on Google, either by typing it or by the feature of search by voice. Speech recognition basically converted the voice into text and initiated the query. Other than this, various voice assistants like Alexa and Siri use machine learning to understand voice commands by the users. 

  • Product Recommendation 

Users often get recommendations to be it on social media, Netflix, and shopping apps, and many times these recommendations are very much useful to us. The concept behind product recommendation is machine learning. These algorithms help to understand user behavior and come up with suggestions for the customers. 

  • Self-Driving Cars 

Every one of us lost our calm when self-driving cars were introduced. The machine learning algorithm and, specifically, the unsupervised machine learning method are used for the success of this concept. The algorithms collect the relevant information about the surroundings from the camera and sensors and finally provide the output to the model. 

  • Detecting Fraud Transaction 

By identifying fraudulent transactions, machine learning makes our online transactions safe and secure. Every time we conduct an online transaction, there may be several ways for a fraudulent transaction to occur, including the use of fictitious accounts and identification documents and the theft of money within the middle of a transaction. Feed Forward Neural Network assists in determining whether the transaction is legitimate or fraudulent.

  • Stock Market

Machine learning uses algorithmic trading to extract key data to automate or support crucial investment operations whenever it comes to the stock market and day trading. With ML, it is possible to manage portfolios effectively and decide when to buy and sell equities.


Modern inventions like machine learning have several practical uses in a variety of fields and aspects of daily life. Every step of the way, whether you're traveling to work, shopping online, or chatting with people online, technology is with you. It won't be long before we see more useful machine-learning applications unlocking cutting-edge innovations.

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