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Artificial Intelligence - Boon Or Bane? Everything You Need to Know

22 Dec 2022

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a technology that deals with the computer system; with the combination of science and technology, the advancement has developed unique techniques that have benefited the human race. With time, technology is showing tremendous growth and improvement, and new algorithms are defining new methods to ease productivity and enhance the business.

AI has transformed every aspect of our lives, including business, jobs, economy, security, communication, technology, war, healthcare, entertainment, and sports. Every section of society has been affected and is controlled by artificial intelligence.

With the blend of science and technology, artificial intelligence deals with machines that can perform tasks that require human involvement and intelligence, such as language translation, decision-making, voice recognition, etc. Artificial intelligence is known to stimulate human intelligence in machines and train them to perform the various tasks otherwise designed to do by humans.

The research predicts that by 2028 there will be tremendous growth in automated systems and robotic implementation in the techniques which will take over human jobs. Apart from this, there are many advantages and disadvantages of AI. But the main question that arises is as artificial intelligence helps us become more productive, will it eventually replace us? For any technology to flourish in the cutthroat market and competitive business, its advantages must uphold and exceed rather than its disadvantages.

This article will cover the exciting prospect of artificial intelligence. Let us see if AI is a boon or bane and how its monetization will affect the human system.

How is Artificial Intelligence a Part of our Life?

Artificial Intelligence is a constitutive part of our lives. It has helped in many sectors including AI in education, AI chatbots in enhancing customer experience, and other sectors. The following examples will give you a good idea of how artificial intelligence has influenced our work life and various factors of our daily life.

Speech Recognition

Systems are designed to recognize the human language and voice and respond in programmed language by grasping the accent. The speech recognition system is installed in our smartphones and home devices, and we all use these home devices like Google Home, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.


Ai-designed games are so impressive that they replace the opponent with the system. The moves are well-planned and well-thought-out with applied intelligence. The gaming industry is flourishing and has excellent prospects. The combination of machine learning algorithms and programming languages invent various intelligent games. Some prevalent examples are computer chess, Google quick draw, Grand theft auto, halo combat, etc.

The system is well programmed with artificial memory, which generates the moves and analyzes the opponent's actions, and machine thinking algorithms make smart moves as per the situation.

Handwriting Recognition

Machine connectionist temporal classification(CTC) is an algorithm for tasks like handwriting recognition. The Handwriting Recognition system in the machine enables the system to read handwriting and convert it into text.


Robotics is a technology part of science and engineering that deals with robot design and programming. Robots are the most sophisticated, intelligent, and complex discovery of humans. Robots are efficient in dealing with the chain of complex activities and actions. They have immense memory space and are multitaskers; they can efficiently perform various tasks. Thus a lot of time is saved in the process.

With the tremendous innovations, growth, and career opportunities in the AI sector, there are several discussions about whether AI is a boon or a bane. Some factors do support AI being a boon, and some do put up the point that how AI is showing up as a bane.

How is Artificial Intelligence a Boon?

Readily available: Machines do not require breaks or change like humans and can work efficiently for a long time without hassle or break. They are designed to perform multiple tasks, work continuously, and produce quality output.

Daily Usage: The future of AI is here; the intelligent devices we use daily are our smartphones. Smartphones are embedded with innovative features like a voice recognition system in the search option, GPS is installed, which navigates and gives perfect map and location recognition, and location tracking service, fingerprint, and facial recognition systems for security purposes are inbuilt functions in our phones. 

Performing Tedious Tasks: It can be quite a time-consuming activity for us to perform tedious tasks. A well-designed AI algorithm is capable of performing multiple tasks loaded with complexities. It functions with excellent efficiency and speed.

Virtual Assistants: Virtual assistants interact with the users, making many users' jobs very easy and accessible. With complete logic and programmed tasks, virtual assistants provide many services and save many users' time and energy.

Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat?

High Cost

Artificial Intelligence has increased the productivity and quality of work in several industries, including the health, sports, and entertainment sectors. The quality of life has risen with automation. Along with ease and comfort, some factors have high-cost issues that prove very expensive, thus making AI a bane. The machines that perform advanced tech functions take work to maintain, requiring regular maintenance, which is very cost-effective. At a certain point in time, machine maintenance proves a high-cost affair.

Fake Influence

Artificial intelligence has taken over online platforms like social media in its sway. Technology has a high impact on the lives of people. The AI, which is capable of generating news, advertisements, making movies, etc., such influencing tasks are responsible tasks and can be very sensitive from a content point of view. Thus if not supervised or guided by the proper authorities, fake social messages can be circulated, and inappropriate content can affect the young generation. It can lead to mistrust and influence public knowledge.

Excess Data Feed

AI generates massive surveys, reports, and company insights from the data captured. The data feed is a responsible task and must be carefully performed. Any wrong information, when fed, can lead to inaccurate reports or results. AI extracts the data from multiple social platforms, and in case of any technical hitch, there is the possibility of feeding incorrect data, which may prove fatal. Thus AI can be confirmed as a bane in the automated self-designed world.


It is entirely upon us to decide what Artificial Intelligence is and, whether AI is a boon or a bane. Humans are solely responsible for determining how much control we have on AI and how much AI can control us. Technology should be wisely used for the betterment of the world. AI can enhance life quality in many ways; we must ensure it does not influence the world incorrectly. AI augmentation is the best blend of humans and technology; it will prove that AI in the future holds a tremendous share of our lives and advanced technology will be the most significant benefit that AI has ever provided. If you want to make your career in this exciting field, enroll in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Program to master data science and artificial intelligence together!

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