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What Is Digital Marketing? What Is The Role Of Digital Marketing?

05 May 2023

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With the internet and social media becoming a major part of our daily lives, marketing is already shifted to online platforms. With this, you might have already seen the change in purchasing habits of people. For example, compare how your grandparents used to shop for products and how you're doing. There's a huge difference, right? They used to step out and explore the local shops for things, and our generation purchase anything we want with clicks. This huge change in habits gave rise to the digital marketing world. In the blog, we'll see what is digital marketing, the role of digital marketing, the role of digital marketers, and much more. So, you know the drill; let's get started with the basics. 

What Is Digital Marketing? 

Utilizing digital channels to promote goods and services to customers is referred to as "digital marketing." Social media apps, websites, search engines, mobile devices, and other channels with a similar function are used in this kind of marketing.  A digital marketer is in charge of spreading awareness of a brand in the marketplace. To increase brand recognition and produce leads, they employ a wide range of digital media. The company's website, as well as social media sites like LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, are examples of digital channels. But, are you aware that digital marketing is a very wide domain and has a variety of sub-fields like social media, email marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, and so much more? Let's see what are different digital marketing job roles. 

Roles Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager 

A digital marketer uses online platforms to connect with customers, increase brand recognition, and advertise goods and services. Digital marketers wear several hats because of the special mix of planning, creativity, and technique that their job demands. To keep up with the rapidly expanding digital media channels they utilize to develop, implement, manage, and track campaigns, they must become proficient in a wide range of skills and technologies.

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Content Strategist 

A content strategist is responsible for framing content plans that adhere to the business goals. Professionals that are creative and like to work out of the box generally prefer this position. Consumer decision-making is most influenced by consistent, impactful, and high-quality material than by any other approach. It attracts potential clients, raises brand awareness, and encourages loyalty. In essence, a content strategist is responsible for producing this helpful, usable material.

PPC Manager

PPC stands for pay-per-click. And PPC managers are required to manage these PPC campaigns. PPC specialists must keep up with current trends to comprehend consumer keyword preferences and make the necessary adjustments to produce the desired outcomes. They are also required to monitor and manage web analytics reports, visualizations, and key reporting tools while highlighting important areas in line with client objectives.

Email Marketer

Email marketing is a marketing technique that involves reaching interested consumers via the help of mail. Email marketers are required to manage the flow of email content. People who believe email marketing is dead can't be more wrong as the marketing technique works for the brands who are performing it. An EMS (Email marketing specialist) is a digital marketer who creates email lists to retain consumer information and launches emails to carry out marketing campaigns. 

Social Media Marker 

There's no need for introduction of what is social media and how it works. Well, social media marketer is responsible for creating a positive image of brands on all the social media channels and making the audience interested in the products. Social media managers may engage in direct communication with potential customers as well as monitor the performance of these accounts. 


One of the other interesting digital marketing roles is of copywriter. A copywriter is a writer who creatively uses words to convince the consumer of a product/service or either make them interested in our business. They often use simple language that is targeted toward a specific group. Professionals in this role are also responsible to come up with creative social media post captions. These were some of the important and major job roles in digital marketing. Apart from these, there are certainly more options like graphic designer, brand manager, content coordinator, project manager, campaign manager, and much more. There's no doubt that the field is filled with numerous opportunities. With this, let's move on to our next part, which is a job description for digital marketing, where we'll see digital marketing roles and responsibilities.  

Key Responsibilities Of Digital Marketing 

A digital marketer is responsible for making the online presence of the brand strong. This is done by them by using a variety of digital marketing channels. Some of them to mention are social media platforms, websites, and many more. The main goal of the field of digital marketing is to reach the right audience at the right time. For example, a headphones ad should reach the consumer when they're looking to purchase a new headphone. This is done by digital marketing managers that help the brands to increase sales. To optimize marketing activities, digital marketing also involves tracking website traffic, discovering and evaluating new digital technologies, and using web analytics tools. So, to sum up, below mentioned are some of the important job roles in digital marketing. Planning and guiding digital marketing channels, including social media, emails, etc. Having a strong social media presence. Measuring the performance at all levels. Evaluating the performance and making and planning the necessary changes. Now that we know what is the role of digital marketing, let's see what are the skills required to become a digital marketer

Specialist Digital Marketing Skills

Maybe your goal is to work in digital marketing management. In either case, it's critical to understand what a digital marketing manager does specifically and the top qualifications needed for the position. 

 Working With Data

Digital marketing is not a technical job, but while working with social media platforms, there are a huge lot of insights available. Digital marketers must know how to make use of that insights. This implies digital marketers should also know when to use social media marketing tools, when to boost the content, and when to let organic reach do its work. 

Content Creating 

A digital marketer would be required to work with content framed by others. They must be familiar with the concept. This knowledge will help them to evaluate the content and provide the best possible results. 

Consumer Relationship Management

Companies can better understand their target market's evolving needs by keeping track of customer experience. Digital marketers must learn customer relationship management techniques that include ways to track and improve the customer experience.


Your rivals are probably attempting the same goals as you as a digital marketer, whatever they may be. Your competitive advantage depends on your capacity to innovate and beyond-think them, as well as come up with inventive answers to all the various problems that arise throughout the day, from finding new routes to your users to coming up with innovative ways to capture and hold their attention. If it is sounding, that digital marketing is an easy field that anyone can pursue, it is not true. The field can be pursued by any individual, but as with every other career field, this field also requires a lot of effort to get successful. Let's see what are the possible challenges a digital marketer can face. 

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Anywhere that digital marketing is successful, there are always a unique set of challenges. Let's look at some of the top digital marketing issues faced by companies worldwide.

Engaging Content 

The very first on the list is to come up with engaging content. In a world where every other individual is creating content and social media, you must come up with something that the audience will love. And, given that it involves creativity, coming up with such content is not always easy. 

Generating Leads 

The ultimate or the main goal of any marketing strategy is to get good leads and convert them to increase the sales of the organization. Well, getting a huge amount of leads is not a problem; the actual problem is to get good and high-quality leads. To make sure that the marketing tactics are reaching the right audience, the digital marketer is required to build a proper buyer persona. 

Digital Marketing Tools 

To make their jobs easier, all marketers use tools. However, there are now numerous tools on the market that can be used to complete a single task. A marketer must sort through the uncertainty of which tool will be most advantageous. Selecting the right tool is important as it'll help the marketer to perform the tasks better and faster. These are a few of the challenges of digital marketing. And with time, experience, and learning, professionals get to overcome all these challenges easily. Now, let's move on to the last topic of this guide which is the benefits of digital marketing

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

One of the great benefits of digital marketing, which you might be already aware of, is its ability to reach a wide audience; but, apart from this, there are various other benefits too, like: 


Along with reaching a wide audience, digital marketing helps to reach that audience within a limited budget. Consider the marketing charges in traditional ways like newspaper ads, television ads, and billboards. These ads cost a fortune to the brands. But, in digital marketing, any small brand can start advertising with the lowest budget they want to. 

Quick Insights 

It is impossible to overestimate the degree of power that digital marketing affords businesses when creating campaigns. By tracking how customers interact with marketing efforts, how they use your website, and the problems they encounter daily, a business may learn from this data and make improvements. Digital marketing provides a fantastic environment for experimentation and improvement, which makes the approach successful.

Help Of Social Media 

Customers or audience now expect businesses and brands to have websites and social media accounts. They can be looking for reviews to find out what previous consumers have to say about your business and determine whether it's a good place to conduct business. Therefore, if a potential customer can't find you online, they might assume that your company isn't legitimate. Not limited to these, but the above-mentioned were some of the benefits of digital marketing. Now, let's proceed to wrap up this blog guide. 


With the growing accessibility of the internet, the world is becoming and operating more on virtual platforms. In this scenario, brands and businesses require professionals with the right skill to increase their brand presence. If you're interested in the field, learn the right skills from the best online courses and begin your career as a digital marketer

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